15 People Share How Much They’ve Changed In Six Years

15 People Share How Much They’ve Changed In Six Years

Over time everything changes. That’s just the way life works.

One day your child will stop being a little baby, they’ll grow up into a small child, and then a medium sized child, and then suddenly they’re a teenager! Sometimes it can feel like it’s all happening in the blink of an eye, but it never stops happening, no matter how hard we may wish for it.

Time waits for no one.

A lot of us worry that we will run out of time, that we’ll never be able to become the person we want to be, or that we don’t have enough time to become the person we want to look like.

But we often forget about the ways time changes us.

It shapes us as a person, how we think about certain situations.

One of the best examples of this is how we look at exes. We either think of them with fond memories, or we suddenly cringe and we feel embarrassed about the fact that we let them kiss us.

But time also changes how we look.

Like I said earlier, one minute we’re playing on the school playground, without a care in the world, and suddenly we have two kids, a mortgage, and an office job.

Life can turn out pretty weird when you think about it.

But thankfully time gives us clarity, it allows us to focus on our life, what’s happened, and it gives us perspective. We’re able to look at the past and see each memory and moment for what it really was.

Now that is a valuable thing.

Time also allows us to be able to take a step back and see how much we’ve changed as a person.

We could have had a troubled childhood, and we’ve managed to turn things around, or we could have started off as the class clown to a professional comedian.

But sometimes the most dramatic way we change is how we look.

Sometimes we don’t notice the changes in our face and body until we see a comparison through then and now pictures.

If you look at your photos from six years ago, I guarantee you’ll see a change, and I also guarantee that you’ll see a change in six years time.

Remember those dumb photos of you when you were younger? They’re probably getting covered in dust in your attic.

Well, when you have a moment take those photos down and have a look at them. You’ll soon see the different ways you’ve changed over the past few years.

At the moment, the hashtag #2012vs2018 is going viral. 

The hashtag is helping people compare how they looked 6 years ago to their current look.

We managed to find some of our favorite comparisons, some feature dramatic weight loss and haircuts, there is even the odd “ugly duckling” transformation, along with a few other transformations that are so unbelievable!

Seriously, it’s hard to believe these photo comparisons are of the same people! It’s very inspiring to see!

Want to join in the fun? Feel free to share your six years difference in the comments below!

I’d love to see how you’ve changed over the years!

1. Makeup Game Changer

If you don’t look a certain way, that’s fine. At the end of the day, it’s more important that your happy with how you look, rather than making sure the world is happy with how you look.

2. Weight Loss

Sometimes becoming the person you want to be requires a little hard work and dedication.

3. A Big Difference

Don’t stop working on yourself until you’re happy with the person you are.

4. Then And Now

Wow, a lot has changed in 6 years! I’m impressed!

5. Same Person, But Finally Them 

I’m glad she’s finally become the woman she always wanted to be.

6. Cancer Free

This photo has made me smile. I’m so glad she’s better!

7. A Change In Apperance

Sometimes the changes we make can turn us into a completely different person.

8. A Simple Change

Sometimes a simple change in your diet can have a big effect on how you look.

9. Slight Changes

Even if it’s a small change, we all change over the years.

10. 2012 and 2018

She looks like an entirely different woman!

11. Two Different People

I thought I was looking at two completely different people then!

12. In Six Years Time

She looks so much happier!

13. Finally Me

Sometimes time can help us realize the person we were born to be.

14. A Major Transformation

Wait, is this the same girl?

15. ‘Ugly Duckling’

Now that’s a dramatic transformation!

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