People Who Live In Remote Places Share Their Disturbing And Terrifying Experiences

People Who Live In Remote Places Share Their Disturbing And Terrifying Experiences

When someone says they live in the wilderness/remote place/middle of nowhere, our mind instantly goes into overdrive and we’re thinking about abandoned houses, creepy cottages and all the spine-chilling setups in horror stories. We get goosebumps all over! And often we can rationalize these fears and thoughts by reminding ourselves that we don’t live in a remote place and it’s just our imaginations working overtime. 

For these people, it was a bit more difficult to escape the horrid thoughts. Because their brains hadn’t actually conjured up these things, they actually happened. 

Check out these horror stories from people who live in remote places…


The scary stalking stranger

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“My husband worked nights so I’d be alone on a huge acreage. One night I go into the kitchen to make tea and I look outside to see the moon and there is a face on the other side of the window. I scream and it wakes up my ageing husky who starts to howl. Dude bolts. I call the cops and wait forever locked in my pantry. Next day my husband and I ride on horseback on our whole property. We found a small makeshift cabin on the northwest corner. We found stuff stolen from our laundry line and canned stuff from our kitchen. He had pinned up selfies in the cabin he had taken while in our bed and sitting at our daughter’s child size dinner table.” –  —annon—


A figure at the window

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“When I was younger, about 5, Me and my family lived in a big house that was in the woods. My bedroom was on the first floor, with a window about 15 ft wide and 6 ft tall. Huge window. It was so oddly large that we could never find curtains or blinds for it, so I just had a bare window, which was fine because like I said, we were in the middle of the woods. I woke up in the middle of the night with that feeling of being watched, and I saw a man wearing all black, standing at my window, watching me. I screamed, and when I screamed he ran off into the woods.” – bhsgrad2015


Blood-curdling screams

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“My significant other and I lived in a small cabin up in the Appalachian mountains on an isolated 40-acre plot. It was our first week in the cabin. Sometime in the middle of the night, we heard a blood-curdling scream right outside of our window. Not just once, but over and over again for about a minute.” – JesusLice


Mysterious noises through the house

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“When we first moved in here, I kept thinking I’d hear someone walking in the house while I was alone (it’s a flood zone, so the house is on stilts and you can hear footsteps when anyone walks across the floor). My husband didn’t think anything of it and one night he jumped out of bed, grabbed his handgun, and started going through the house slamming all the doors wide open. He said he heard banging in the kitchen like someone was going through the pantry. He was adamant he had heard someone. Nothing, doors still locked.”

My niece got home from her grandmother’s house and a few nights later asked if she could sleep on a cot in our room. I asked her what was wrong. She didn’t want to tell us because we “wouldn’t believe her.”

We let her stay, and the next day we were all a little uneasy. My husband, a notorious nonbeliever in the paranormal, came in looking shaken and said he had closed her door after bringing her laundry into the room and a man had been smiling at him in the window. The windows on the house are almost 20′ in the air because of the stilts the house sits on.” – KGRanch


The Irish follower

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“When I was young, my grandmother lived in a very rural part of Ireland and my brother and I was sent to visit her for a couple of weeks every summer. Frequently my grandmother would send us out to do little jobs for her – bring bread or jam to neighbours, or collect turf for the fire. One summer’s day she gave me a loaf of bread and sent me to a house about 3 or 4 miles away. The laneway to the house was narrow and lined by thick hedges and as I was walking, I became aware of a man within in the hedges who was watching me and walking the laneway with me. I was extremely frightened and ran the rest of the way.” – itsmekathy

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