Meet The Street Artist Transforming Dreary Objects Into Quirky Creations

Meet The Street Artist Transforming Dreary Objects Into Quirky Creations

Tom Bob isn’t your ordinary type of artist…

He’s what’s known as a street artist, capable of changing the way we perceive things in the most spectactular ways.

So, when he decided to start reshaping the dreary-looking, every day objects we pass on our morning commute without a second thought, we sat up and took notice.

He normally bases himself within the confines of New York City. After all, for one man that’s a pretty freakin’ big area to cover. But recently, he’s been taking his creativity elsewhere.

Check it out and pick your own favorite transformation!


1. Robot waiter

Who’d have thought you could transform a ‘no smoking‘ sign and a drab looking lightbox into a multifunctional robot?

I just hope he had permission to do this one, not exactly on the street is it…?


2. One love

It takes someone with real vision to see things before they happen. Take this drab, dull-looking box full of electrical components…

Which has been brilliantly turned into a tribute to Bob Marley, the man himself would be proud.


3. “I eats me spinach”

Just look at all that blank wall space, it’s crying out for someone to come along and spruce it up a bit.

So of course Tom happily obliged…

I think it should be compulsary for all dreary-looking objects like these be transformed into murals like this, don’t you?


4. “Hey… you there… you wanna buy a watch?”

Some people say things like “purpose over passion“, or “function over fashion“.

Well, to them I say what’s the matter with both?

This is a leading example. Disagree with me, I dare you!


5. Octopus date

C’mon, this one was just crying out to be tampered with.

Plus, if you’re going to make an octopus, you might as well give it a friend.

Just so y’know, it’s not lonely or anything. 


6. Make sure to brush twice a day

And people say they don’t like graffiti. But, if it meant transforming objects like this…

…Into this, then i’m sure they’d change their minds.


7. “Say cheese”

Buildings can just look so freakin’ drab sometimes can’t they?

I always think, even when they’re first made, the color would’ve surely seemed a bit dingey?

Fortunately, this corner is now a cheeky smiling face instead. Although, in the dark, this might be more frightening than friendly. 


8. Stop monkeying around!

This might just be the best of the lot. What do you think?

The nice thing about all of Tom’s work, is that not only does it add vibrancy and color, but the ‘creatures’ always look really happy.

Even when they’re not really doing much, just ‘hanging‘ out…


9. Russell, is that you?

Fire hydrants are everywhere and despite being brightly colored, they’re still pretty uninteresting to look at.

Unless of course, you turn them into Disney characters. Like Russell from UP for example.

The only problem with this one is, someone’s got to keep replacing those balloons…


10. “I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next”

How does he come up with these creations, that’s what I want to know!

The only question I have to ask you is… “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?”. Any excuse to use that quote.

In all seriousness though, this is pretty freakin’ cool.


11.  Global warming

Broken sidewalk slabs are a common sight in every other village, town and city across the US.

They’re a bit of a hazard, plus they look freakin’ drab! So why not add ‘cool‘ characters to liven them up a bit?

Like this guy, who looks pretty content just ‘chillin‘. These are some ‘cracking‘ puns aren’t they? 


12. “Err this is the gents isn’t it?”

Let’s fact it, public restrooms are often pretty grim and you often only end up doing your business there because you can’t hold it in any longer.

Well, it just so happens that humans aren’t the only species that need to relieve themselves… It’d definitely make me chuckle if I saw this in the next restaurant bathroom I go to.

Image result for toilets are disgusting gif

Plus, it might just distract me long enough not to notice the poop stains on the back of the toilet seat.


13. Tiger tribute

There are few things in this world less majestic than a propane gas tank.

I bet that’s a sentence you didn’t think you’d be reading today.

Luckily Tom made sure to transform it into one of the most majestic animals in the animal kingdom. Phew!


14. Tiverton’s pretty awesome these days…

Most people like to think that where they’ve decided to settle down is at least a little bit cool… even if it really isn’t.

But even if Tiverton is the dullest place in the whole of America…

People driving past certainly won’t think that from now on.



15. Check out some of the rest of his work!

Charlie Chaplin would definitely approve.

This could be the funniest of the lot, complete with chest hair and all!

Who fancies a game of bowling?

SPLAT. One for the insectophobiacs out there.

I’ve never seen a collection of such bland items turned into such a vibrant blend of color and imagination. Have you?


Tom’s pretty freakin’ talented isn’t he? If only he could clone himself and do this in every city across the country. Hopefully he’ll continue to turn the tedious into the terrific for many years to come! 

What do you make of Tom’s work? Let me know in the comments and be sure to like and share with your friends!