What The Manson Family Kids Look Like Now!

What The Manson Family Kids Look Like Now!

Charles Manson has the world on edge decades ago when him and his “family” infamously went on a killing spree in 1969. To this day, many of the killers are still behind bars in their seventies. One of their most famous killings included a Golden Globe-nominee named Sharon Tate. During this time, Charles Manson fathered several children and many of them are not even sure if Charles is their father! That’s because he was involved in a cult in which many women were called upon to procreate with him and he called everyone his “family”. However, that doesn’t mean that they were all blood related. Even so, after all of these years, there is still a deep interest in the members of this cult and his family to this day and now we are going to take a look at where some of them are now and discuss what happened with their children that had to grow up in the aftermath of what their parents had done.

Charles Manson

His is in his eighties right now and will probably take his last breath behind bars as he has been denied parole each time that it comes up. Thankfully! It has reported that he has 3 legitimate sons that were born before his incarceration.

Susan Atkins

Even so, there are others who claim to have given birth to his children, including this woman who was his “main” lady on the commune. She gave birth to a boy named Zezozose Sadfrack Glutz on October 7, 1968 and despite claims that her child belonged to Charles, he is said to be the son of a man named Bruce who was a member of the Manson Family as well. Susan passed away in 2009 from Brain cancer while serving her life sentence.

Leslie Van Houten

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She is another Manson Girl who is still serving her sentence for these crimes committed. She has no children to her name and has been denied parole 20 times.


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