These Magazine “Top Tips” Are So Terrible That They’re Freakin’ HILARIOUS

These Magazine “Top Tips” Are So Terrible That They’re Freakin’ HILARIOUS

As tempting as they are, please try to resist following these “top tips”…

It’s always nice to save money here and there and it can be fun to bring old items back to life with a touch of customizing. However, these “top tips” found in lifestyle magazines are taking matters a bit too far. 

We get that people don’t like throwing things away, but c’mon guys- sometimes you have to just admit defeat and realize that placemats covered in plastic milk lids just are NOT a good look…


1.  “A funky, tie-dyed bra you’ll be proud to wear!” 

You say tie-dye, we say, "found it in a bin."

We can’t imagine wearing this food-dye bra would be the proudest moment of our life. Is it supposed to look like it’s been found in the garbage?!

2. Fun AND practical! 

Spend your time filling cracks with Play Dough, and wonder why all your friends are suddenly too busy to come round.

We see what they’re trying to do here- and it probably kept the kids quiet for a an hour- but let’s be honest, it doesn’t look the prettiest!

3. Why has this even made it into their top tips?! 

Want to please your significant other? Treat him like a mosquito.

We’re slightly confused about this, but each to their own. If your other half is that way inclined, and you want to please him- then treat him like a mosquito.

4. We can’t see these getting many saves on Pinterest tbh

Nothing says elegance like a rock covered in tin foil.

Nothing says sophistication like a rock covered in tin foil.

5.  Mmm, eggs with a hint of deodrant- what a treat…

Delicious, eggs that taste like deodorant. Shower fresh!


6. These lovely ‘earrings’…

Too cheap to buy earrings? Some glitter glue and nobody will notice the difference! Except, of course they will. They're not morons.

Fallen on hard times? Get yourself some glitter glue and paint the town red! Nobody will know the difference!

Except, of course they will. They’re not morons.

7. Extend your jeans with actual rubber bands… 

Maternity jeans? Pah! Why buy something that only lasts for nine months when you can make do with a rubber band!

You feel unattractive enough at time during pregnancy- you do NOT need the humilation of these rubber bands snapping and your massive belly bursting out. For the love of God, treat yourself to some maternity jeans!

8. Yeah, that’s not creepy looking at all…

Or, you could just take a photo of the car on your phone. Whatever works for you.

Steven King’s ‘IT’ comes to mind. Also, does this mean every time you go shopping you have to sit there for 5 minutes blowing up a balloon? Or do you just have a pre-made one ready in the car at all times? The mind boggles…

9. Wow, somebody should really invent something to keep our hands warm so we don’t have to use teabags…

Gloves! Why not just buy GLOVES?!

What could we possibly use that’s more practical and less gross looking? If only someone had invented something like…gloves.

10. Okay- it may not look as pretty, but we bet the breeze you get off this is BLISS…

This is so sweet that it's actually upsetting.

It’s such a sweet gesture. Yes, slightly weird looking and random- but so sweet.

11. Oh…well that’s news to us…

Well, obviously. Thanks, Seventeen magazine!

“I miss you” means “I’m obsessed with you”, so be careful who you say it to. Thanks for the completely irrational advice Seventeen mag!

12. Want to find love? Put every man you meet straight in the friend zone! 

Confuse your love interest! Play power games! That's how they like it!

Play power games, tell him you hate him, stand him up on every date… You’ll have a ring on your finger before you know it!

13. If you want to look like you’re having a mid-life crisis, stick this up in your kitchen…


They’re not lying about it being ‘eye-catching’ and ‘unusual’.

14. Sometimes less really is more…

Why buy new shoes when you can just wrap old ones in Sellotape?

Why spend 30 dollars on new shoes when you can just wrap old ones in Sellotape?

15. From afar, this probably wouldn’t look too bad…

The question is, why on Earth would you collect corks?

So it’s a shame that you generally stand close to a mirror. Another question is, why on Earth would you collect corks?

16. Is this Monica Geller’s house? 

Plastic bags mean you'll never have to wash your hands again!

The sound of a plastic sandwich bag rustling against the phone will not get annoying at all…

17.  “Unique” indeed… 


We have no idea how this has worked, but they’re not too bad…

18. These “jazzed up” placemats…

So convenient, right?

Apparantly, they were looking a bit tatty before. Thank god she managed to neaten them up with these random plastic tops.

19. Is there anything more heartbreaking than forgetting you made a cup of tea and then coming back to it to find it STONE COLD?

Or you could just make a fresh cup of tea.

Being british- we can appreciate this one.

20. “I started saving melon seeds.”

"I started saving melon seeds."

To be fair, Laura is rocking this melon seed necklace! It may not be to everyone’s taste though…

21. This looks like far more hassle than it’s worth…

Another contender for things you could have just bought, like a normal person.

Or you could just use your classic feather duster. Whatever floats your boat…

22. Nothing says “I love you” like a homemade commode.

Nothing says "I love you" like a homemade commode.

We don’t envy whoever’s job it was to empty that bucket!

23. Very clever… 

There seems to be very little "simple" about this.

Who needs a professional back massage when you can put 3 tennis balls in a sock and rub yourself up against it?

24. One man’s garbage is another man’s bathroom accessory… 

One man's rubbish is another man's design object.

Is it ‘designer’ though? Or is it just an empty pepsi cup?

25. What’s wrong with a drawer?! 

Girl, you are old enough to know better.

Oh Maxima, you are old enough to know better…

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