Lucas, A Child With Down’s Syndrome, Becomes The 2018 ‘Gerber Baby’

Lucas, A Child With Down’s Syndrome, Becomes The 2018 ‘Gerber Baby’

Meet the 2018 Gerber baby, a sweet 1-year-old boy chosen from among 140,000 entries from hopeful parents across America. Lucas Warren, a 1-year-old from Dalton, Georgia, is the first baby with Down syndrome to claim the coveted honor of being Gerber’s Spokesbaby.

Since 2010, Gerber has held a yearly contest to find a fresh babyface to represent the brand. Prior to the yearly contest, the charcoal-sketched cherub face of the original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, had been the face of Gerber since 1927.

As the Gerber team poured over the entries of chubby-cheeked tots from across the country, it was Lucas who stood out, and ended up winning the compeition.

When his parents found out the great news, they were over the moon with joy. Tears streamed down the face of Lucas’ father, Jason Warren, who was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude that a baby with special needs would win the honor.

The parents appeared together with Lucas on the Today show, where they went into more a bit more detail on how they found out the great news, and how Lucas is around others.


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