The Internet Is Arguing Over How To Cut Toast – How Do You Like Your Toast?

The Internet Is Arguing Over How To Cut Toast – How Do You Like Your Toast?

Is there anything the internet can’t argue over? I feel like every day there’s something new that’s setting Twitter ablaze with divided opinions. I mean, has anyone really recovered from the whole pineapple on pizza thing? I’ve never seen the people of the internet so incensed and angry over anything, that is, until now… And for future reference, I’m pro pineapple pizza, just so you know.

The latest thing the internet has found to get annoyed about is a delicious food that people couldn’t possibly say a bad thing about – toast! What could possibly be wrong about toasty, buttery bread? It’s absolutely delicious and we all know it, but recently, one bar has found a way to make us all annoyed about our favourite breakfast staple.

HallamNation is a student night based in Crystal Bar in Sheffield, UK. It happens every Wednesday and is the place to be for students looking to drink, dance and maybe even get a little end of the night snack. Ready to make their night the best in Sheffield, the HallamNation Twitter account posed this question to their Twitter account, “Which way would you prefer our staff to do you toast at the end of a night?!” It’s a simple question, but the internet can’t keep their cool over it.

So you have three choices here, cut your toast diagonally, or straight down the middle vertically or horizontally. Personally, as long as you give me toast and lots of it then I’m happy, but the people of Twitter have been divided by this seemingly simple question. Like this person, who thinks symmetry is very important when it comes to tasty toast.

Does toast really taste differently when it’s cut differently? Personally, I’ve got to think that the type of bread and butter you use are more important but the people of Twitter want me to know just how wrong I am. After all, aesthetics are important when it comes to enjoying your breakfast properly, as anyone who’s ever posted their food on Instagram will tell you.

But it’s not just about taste here, people. You can and will be judged for how you cut your toast now and as the votes rolled in, the reasoning for and against toast cutting methods became more and more dramatic. For example, just look at how annoyed this person is by choice number two!


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