This Hospital Holds Graduations Ceremonies For Premature Babies

This Hospital Holds Graduations Ceremonies For Premature Babies

Parents are faced with many obstacles and problems. Some of which can turn into their worst nightmare.

We all know that giving birth to a child before it’s due is a difficult and risky thing, but sometimes something happens to prematurely induce labor.

As soon as this happens it’s all hands on deck to try and make sure the baby is born as safely as possible.

That’s why it’s always a big deal when premature babies make it out of intensive care.

To celebrate this important milestone, one hospital started holding graduation ceremonies for the babies who are now healthy enough to go home. The photos from these ceremonies are guaranteed to make you smile.

At CaroMont Regional Medical Centre, Neonatal nurse Melissa Jordan, and her colleagues are holding small graduation ceremonies for babies who were born at six weeks or more premature.

The newborn’s who are admitted to the NCIU are fed, cared and loved for until they are healthy enough to go home.

When the babies have finally been discharged Jordan and her staff awards them their very own special and personalized graduation cap and photo.

The caps are made out of foam sheets and available in a variety of colors.

Each cap comes with a heartwarming message, “X days behind me, a whole lifetime in front of me,” with the number of days they spent in intensive care.

It was a scheme that started soon after the hospital spent time with a baby who was born at just 29 weeks! 

Jordan said that they knew it was something they wanted to turn into a tradition for other families.

It was so successful that the CaroMont has started an on-going graduation program with 14 graduates so far, which includes three sets of twins.

Jordan said:

“Leaving the NICU can be joyful but also scary and nerve-wracking, so this was our way of bringing a little normalcy to taking the baby home.

“When I started the program, I called Bella Baby Photography — they take pictures of all our babies going home — and asked if they could come photograph the NICU grads, and the photographer actually offered to give these pictures to the parents free of charge.”

What an incredible idea!

I’d love to see more hospitals do this for families with premature babies!

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