Here’s What That Small Pocket Above Your Jeans Pocket ACTUALLY Means!

Here’s What That Small Pocket Above Your Jeans Pocket ACTUALLY Means!

I have a ton of jeans that don’t fit me anymore (the diets finally paid off) and I don’t like just throwing things out, so I like to get creative with my old clothes.

When I saw this on YouTube I decided to put them to good use, and made several cute Birthday presents in the process:

Amazing, right?

My morning commutes are usual pretty dull, however I was feeling rather chipper this morning, I had my headphones in; staring out the window on the train, loving life. I reached in to my pocket to change the song on my phone when my fingers got caught on that stupid non-pocket inside my actual pocket, and it got me thinking, what are those things actually for?

Before we get on to the infamous jean pocket, lets look at other clothing mysteries and why they are there. First of all I imagine only a small number of you have noticed a small loop on the back of shirts. They sit right in between your shoulder blades in the centre of your back.

These things are seen all of the time but not many people actually notice them, and I’m sure hardly anybody actually knows what they are for.

They are used to hang up your shirt! I mean who uses these and doesn’t just use a hanger for crying out loud?! Apparently they ensure your shirt won’t be creased when you unhang it using the small loop.

Personally I’m not sure if I’m buying this one, yeah I bet they work, but its not as if we are at a world wide shortage of hangers. In fact, its the total opposite, we all have at least 3 times more hangers in our wardrobes than actual clothes!

This small loop on the back of all shirts does have some history and heritage behind it though. It was actually introduced in the 1960’s by East coast sailers who used to hand their uniforms on ship hooks.

The small loops were also used as a social statement as well. Back in the 60s and 70s guys who had a woman would cut the loop off from the back of their shirts as a statement letting people know they were already taken and off the market. Crazy!


Now lets get back on the the small pocket above your actual jean pocket…

Apparently it’s called a ‘watch pocket’ used by cowboys  in the 1800s. But seen as I’m not a cowboy (or cowgirl) I wondered how we could make use of it today.

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 15.12.54

Emergency foods:

We all need that little sugar rush at times, so what better way to utilise a not very useful small, tight pocket than to carry a few sweets in there.


Why not…

Spare batteries:

This may be taking things to the extreme, but maybe your at the airport and your kids toys run out of battery, I bet you would thank us then.


Because you never know when you might need them…

Toy car:

Because you never know when children might attack you in the street, and a toy car is your only (get out of jail free card) chance of survival.


Okay I think you get the hint, its not very useful at all but we are used to it now, and it would look and feel weird without it.

However I have just thought of a genius idea….

Sachets of McDonalds salt:


You never know when you may need to enhance the flavor of your food. I’ll be damned if I have to carry a salt shaker round with me again.


And maybe even loose change, but that’s just boring!

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