Here’s What The Hole Next To Your Camera Is Really For

Here’s What The Hole Next To Your Camera Is Really For

I don’t know about you but I’m always learning something new every day!

There are lots of things most of us don’t know about the things we use on a daily basis.

Fro example, I only just learned that I can undo typing on my iPhone by shaking it. How amazing is that?!

There are just certain things about the technology we use that we simply don’t know about or understand why it’s there or even like that.

But just like most things, there’s a reason for them.

Have you ever noticed that there’s a small hole next to the camera on the back of your iPhone?

I did, but like most people, I never knew what it was for.

Well, it looks like we’ve finally got an answer.

It turns out that the small hole next to the camera is a microphone.

One of three microphones to be exact.

I know three microphones seems a bit excessive, but it’s all for a good reason.

by having more than one microphone it allows for multi-directional audio coming from different directions.

When you have three or more microphones on your phone it allows users to get more coverage.

Regardless of the position the user is in, the audio will be easily picked up by the microphones.

The iPhone has an internal processor which dissects the audio. This allows the user to have clear and crisp sound, and it also eliminates any background noise. 

The microphone next to the camera also helps Siri understand accents, as well as improving FaceTime, and conference calls.

But that’s not all!

Not only is the microphone working to improve call quality, sound, and noise cancellation, but it’s also improving the sound coming from the person you’re speaking to on the phone!

How incredible is that? I’m was amazed to learn that!

The microphone is also a lot smaller than the microphones on previous iPhones too!

It takes up 20% less space.

Despite its small size, the microphone, as you can tell, is more advanced than it’s predecessors.

It’s hard to believe so much can be done with so little!

How incredible is that? I’m pleasantly surprised!

Did you know this was what the small hole next to the camera on the back of your phone was for?

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