Here Are The Biggest Soap Real-Life Romances Revealed!

Here Are The Biggest Soap Real-Life Romances Revealed!

Soaps have been enticing our lives for decades and we always get caught up in their lives that they portray because they make every detail seem so interesting and even deeply emotional! We often hear about those who work together on the screen end up getting together in real life and I guess that you can say it’s true for all jobs. We often fall for the people that we know in our everyday lives and so finding love at work is bound to happen from time to time. Especially for some of these stars who are in those intimate scenes together because it seems as if you have already “cut to the chase” so to speak and therefore, have the groundwork has been set towards a possible commitment.

Otherwise, these soaps stars have loves that extend beyond their jobs and many of us are curious to know who these people are! I mean, we think we know the star from watching them on television but it would be nice to know what kind of person they are when they are off the set. For this reason, seeing someone’s significant other can definitely tell us a little bit more our favorite stars when they are not performing for the public and the cameras.

Also, sometimes people like to keep to themselves and so we may not even know who some of their significant others are because not everyone likes to be so public about their personal lives. However, every now and again, the love is shown to the world and it is like a sneak peek behind the screen.

So whether they meet their true loves at work or on some other path in life, we are about to find out who they are so that we can be intrigued even more so about the soap stars and how they look when they have the look of true love in their eyes!

Sammy Winward and James Sutton (Katie Sugden and Ryan Lamb, Emmerdale)

Here we have an example of a work romance as this couple got together both on and off the screen. They met when James became part of the show during a break from his show ‘Hollyoaks’ in 2009 when he played Paul McQueen. However, they did not stay together at that time and they broke up one year after they met. That’s probably due to the fact that work romances are pretty hard to maintain because as much as you like seeing them, it’s hard to see the person that you love all day every day. It’s nice to come home from work and talk about your day with your love, that’s all.

James then got together with Corrie’s Catherine Tyldesley

Gee! This guy really gets around. However, it apparently didn’t work out and eventually Catherine let him go for being “too immature’ and “still hung up on Sammy.” Well, those are both very good reasons to cut him loose but she should have known that she was just a rebound and that he cared for Sammy very much. According to one source:

“Sammy and James seemed perfect for each other. Everyone thought they would go the distance and some people still think they could get back together.

“They are a strikingly gorgeous couple and the chemistry you saw on screen was there in real life, too.

“It’s a shame they’ve split up, but they’re both being very professional.”

Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas (Sarah Platt and Jason Grimshaw, Coronation Street)

The pair got together after she was dating his gay brother and had been together since 2003.

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