Heat Map Study Reveals Which Body Parts Women Are Most Attracted To

Heat Map Study Reveals Which Body Parts Women Are Most Attracted To

The phrase ‘Love at first sight’ is the subject of hot debate. Some swear that it’s a real thing, others say it’s pure fantasy. However, if a recent study is anything to go by, it seems that the saying might actually have something to it.

Actually, we should probably change that to ‘lust at first sight’.

The study, which was conducted by a London-based company called Think Eye Tracking, determined what parts of a man’s body a woman notices first.

I know what you’re thinking – how accurate can a study like this be? After all, they might lie about which body part they look at first out of embarrassment. On the other hand, they might not actually know, and may just say anything as they’re being put on the spot.

Well, neither of those come into consideration in this instance, thanks to the wonders of modern research technology. The study was performed with an advanced eye tracking technology that tracks the gaze and glances of the study participants, and then maps it on a heat map.

Image result for heat map sports

 As you can see from the image above, the heat map is a technology which is often used in sports such as basketball and soccer, to map the movements of the players on the field or court. It is often used to help coaches see where their team is going wrong, or where there is room for improvement.
In this instance, it was used to track the gaze of the study’s participants.


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