Hate The Sound Of Other People Chewing? Then You’re Probably A Genius

Hate The Sound Of Other People Chewing? Then You’re Probably A Genius

Everyone has something they don’t like the sound of or something they just hate with the very fiber of their being.

It could be the sound of someone chewing loudly, biting their nails, snorting snot back up their nose, or people snoring in such a way that displeases your ears.

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The sound of people drinking, chewing, crunching, gulping, slurping, swallowing, clicking their fingers, breathing too loudly, sniffling, or even wheezing are utterly annoying, something I think all of us can agree on.

One of the things that really annoys me is when people chime into conversations they weren’t part of, give their expert opinion on it, prevent you from disagreeing with them, and then changing the subject. People who do that are both annoying and rude!

Most of you may have different ideas about what’s annoying and what’s not, but I think we can all agree that loud chewing or just the sound of it is annoying as hell!

If you’re like me and you absolutely hate the sound of someone chewing, then you’re suffering from a condition called Misophonia.

The literal meaning of misophonia is the hatred of sound, but it’s pretty safe to say that no all sufferers hate the sound of everything they hear, but there are certain triggers that will send people into a rage.

Anyone who suffers from Misophonia knows that as soon as they hear a triggering sounds, it is almost impossible to filter it out.

You become fixated on it and you suddenly have an overwhelming urge to tell the person creating that sound to stop immediately.

Do you suffer from the condition?

Don’t panic! If the answer is yes, then it could mean you’re a genius!

It’s a pretty serious condition that is more than just a fussiness about certain sounds.

The condition can actually cause extremely strong reactions and emotions, and it can have an extremely damaging effect on someone’s relationships.

I know whenever I hear someone chew loudly it makes me so angry to the point where I want to scream and smash my plate full of food. I can’t join in conversations because all my energy is focussed on not shouting.

It’s a really trying condition.

But home is not the only place you could be affected. It could happen anyway, the worst place being at a restaurant or at work.

The workplace can be tricky because there’s already a great deal of stress and anxiety there. So hearing someone slurp their microwave soup in the cubicle next to you could lead you to be more unfocused.

It could have an extremely negative impact on your output at work!

So, is there a cure that doesn’t involve wiping out everybody else on the planet?

People with misophonia tend to suffer in silence because they’re scared of being mocked for it.

But thankfully there is some good news about the condition.

If you suffer from the condition, then there’s a good chance that you’re a creative genius!

A bunch of historians has evidence that proves geniuses like Charles Darwin, Anton Chekhov, and Marcel Proust wore earplugs while they were working.

Proust even took a step further by lining his bedroom with cork to block out noise while he was working.

There’s even a study that backs up this theory.

During a study of 100 people by researchers from the Northwestern University, the results indicated that an inability to filter out fighting sensory information is a common trait in those who are considered to be creatively talented.

Thankfully, for people who find the condition a little too much, you’re able to ease the symptoms of the condition.

Sadly there’s no pin to help the condition fade away, however, there are a few things you can do to lessen the effect it has on your life.

Firstly, you need to make sure you talk to your family, friends and colleagues about the condition. If they don’t believe it’s a real condition then show them this article.

If your work environment is full of triggering sounds then you could ask your boss if moving somewhere else is an option.

It could lead to you getting your own office!

There are some people who have had hypnotherapy to ease their symptoms and they claim that it’s been an effective method of dealing with the condition.

Do you hate loud chewing sounds, or is there other sounds that are very triggering for you?

Feel free to let me know in the COMMENTS! As always, I love hearing from you!