Gwen Stefani Calls Off Wedding To Blake Shelton Amidst ‘Cheating’ Rumors

Gwen Stefani Calls Off Wedding To Blake Shelton Amidst ‘Cheating’ Rumors

Gwen Stafani is an iconic figure in the world of music and show business, and it’s all thanks to her successful career in the music industry!

But how did this pop icon launch herself into the limelight? 

It was a long journey, but undoubtedly it was all worth the effort she put into it!

Gwen Renée Stefani was born on October 3, 1969, and she is an American singer and songwriter.

But a lot of people also forget that Gwen is also a fashion designer, actress, and television personality!

Her first big step in the music industry was with her band, No Doubt. Gwen was the co-founder and the lead singer of the band.

Gwen shot to fame with the grunge group in the mid-90s when they released their hit album Tragic Kingdom in 1995.

The debut album included a number of hits like Just a Girl, Don’t Speak, Hey Baby and It’s My Life!

She soon found love in 1995, when Gwen met Gavin while No Doubt and Bush were on tour together.

They got married in 2002 but divorced in 2016. 

The couple has three children (10-year-old Kingston, eight-year-old Zuma, and Apollo, 3). However, after 14 years of marriage, Gwen was officially divorced from her then husband.

The cause of the divorce was “irreconcilable differences”.

It’s rumored that Gavin cheated on Gwen with their nanny, an Australian woman called Mindy Mann.

In March of 2016, Gavin opened up about the breakdown in his relationship and admitted that the divorce really affected him and caused him “a lot of pain and sadness”. 


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