Guy Takes Woman On Tinder Date And After Asks For His Money Back For Coffee

Guy Takes Woman On Tinder Date And After Asks For His Money Back For Coffee

You won’t believe how bad this date went…

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…actually, thinking about the track record of Tinder dates, you probably will.

Lauren Crouch is a social media blogger from London. On her Tumblr blog, she writes about bad date experiences which, as you can imagine, makes for some great stories. And this particular story, we just can’t get over.

So Lauren tells us how the date began…

“We meet at the tube station after he declined my suggestion to meet at a pub, and he asks if we can go for a coffee as he’s not drinking. “Sure” I say, “there’s a lovely independent coffee place over the road.” “Nah, there’s a Costa just here. Saves crossing” he replied. Like seriously? I put on eyeliner for this and now I’m in a Costa bloody Coffee.”

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After 25 minutes of “normal” conversation, they have the following exchange…

Pretty soon to go back to someone’s house, right? We don’t blame Lauren at all for opting out of that suggestion! As to be expected, this was a bit of a red flag for Lauren. She decided they weren’t a good match and that she would let him know if he messaged her again.

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So later on, Lauren receives a message from the guy wanting to meet up again…


Lauren then replies politely but also giving a clear explanation as to why she doesn’t want to meet this guy again…


Yep, he did seriously say that. And we’re in shock too.

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So Lauren decides to graciously reply whilst also making this guy fully aware of how ridiculous he is being…

A great response from Lauren. ‘regain some decorum’ was a particular highlight. It emphasizes how petty he is being and also why he’s out of order to request his money back. You go, girl!

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But as we expected by this stage, this guy is not getting the message and when he replies, he takes it to another level of shocking…

Oh no he didn’t?! Oh yes, he did. Bank details and everything. This guy is actually serious, isn’t he? He actually wants £3.50 back that he offered to pay. I don’t even know what to say, Acidheads.

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Upon receiving this message, Lauren told us how she felt…

“I actually felt angry, because as you’ll know if you read this blog often, I am a massively big believer in women always offering to pay for dates.”

“Yes, you do decide yourself what to do with your money, and last night you decided to spend it on a coffee.”

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Exactly Lauren! He chose to spend that money, he didn’t have to! And Lauren offered to pay too, which he refused, so I don’t really think he has any right to be asking for that money back really.

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But ladies, it didn’t stop there…

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Lots of women began getting in touch with Lauren after her post went viral, claiming they think they might have been on a date with the same guy! They worked out the location of London and women were saying they’d had dates in the same area that went just as badly. This lady shared the messages she received from this guy after a date…

Wow, we’re starting to think that nothing could shock us at this point.

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Then Lauren and the other girls rounded up a list of things he did to all of them…

And now, we’re pretty sure this is the same guy.

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Wow. This could definitely be the worst tinder date I’ve come across. What did you think, Acidheads? Is this guy totally out of order? Have you got any worse stories about dates you’ve been on? Comment on our Facebook post and let us know, we’d love to hear all about it! Thanks for reading.

If you want to hear more stories from Lauren, go to her Tumblr page No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories.