This Guy Has Dinner With Mother-In-Law And Ends Up Solving 20-Year Mystery

This Guy Has Dinner With Mother-In-Law And Ends Up Solving 20-Year Mystery

There are fairytales and love stories that little girls grow up dreaming about like Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, and The Princess Bride.  In these stories, the heroine meets her prince charming and falls in love. The stories revolve around falling in love and having a “happily ever after.”   As little girls grow up, their movie preferences might change to a more realistic love story like The Notebook, but behind all of the stories lies the same sentiment- true love. True love is a love that transcends time, distance, and conquers every obstacle in its way.  Many people think that true love is just a fairy tale. But every so often. You hear a story that makes you believe in fairy tales. This is one of those stories.

1. Heidi and Ed On Their Wedding Day

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Ed and Heidi met where most young people meet, university.

2. Photo of Heidi and Ed in College

Both were students that attended Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.  Heidi had moved out of student housing, and Ed had moved into the very house where Heidi had previously been a tenant. The dryer in that house was finicky, and Ed sent a text to Heidi to see if she had any tips on how to get it to work.  Little did Ed know that the very text would change his life.

3. Ed and Heidi On An Evening Out

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Heidi and Ed felt a spark and began to hang out together. They quickly became inseparable and began dating. These best friends soon after became engaged.

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