Why Grumpy Old Gits Nails It With… Men’s Humour

Why Grumpy Old Gits Nails It With… Men’s Humour

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There’s no use denying it… Grumpy Old Gits are EVEYWHERE! There is also at least 1 in every family (and I’m sorry, but if you can’t think of one, then chances are YOU are it!). But apart from being Grumpy and down right miserable to be around sometimes, they’re also impossible to buy for!

Well, never fear, for I am here, as always, to make your life just a little bit easier (Yeah, you’re welcome!). Below I have listed five of the most PERFECT gifts for your Grumpy Old Git… guaranteed to put a smile on any misery-guts’ face (even if it only lasts 0.5 seconds). Don’t believe me? Well why not take a scroll on down and see for yourself… you can thank me later!


Grumpy Comment Loading…. Please Wait.

We all have an old meiser in our lives who can’t seem to go 5 second without saying something grumpy, so why not give everyone else a pre-warning with this hilarious t-shirt!? Your Grumpy Old Git may not appreciate it… but I promise you everybody else in the world will!

You can buy this hilarious t-shirt using the link below… and believe it or not, this design is available as a mug too!

Grumpy Comment Loading… T-shirt


Bah Humbug!


Chances are, if there’s a Grumpy Old Git in your life, they’re 100% going to be a major grinch around christmas time too! So why not get them their very own mug to commemorate this? Then when you’re having a jolly good time sipping egg nog from your festivaly decorated christmas mugs… they have nothing to be grumpy about! (For a change…)

You can buy this perfect Christmastime mug for YOUR grinch using the link below!

Grumpy Old Gits Bah Humbug Mug

I Don’t See My Relatives Over Christmas…


I won’t lie, this one made me LMBO! We all know that meeting up witrh relatives is the worst part of Christmas… well, it definitely is for a Grumpy Old Git anyway! So why not give the whole family a laugh by gifting this hilariously honest t-shirt to your Grumpy Old Git? Who knows, you may even end up putting a smile on THEIR face too!

To buy this perfect Christmas present for your Grumpy old Git, just click the link below!

Grumpy Old Gits Make Me Sick T-Shirt


I Didn’t Mean To Push All Your Buttons…

Any easy mistake for any Grumpy Old Git to make, right? To be fair, even I sometimes wish certain people had a mute button! However, there’s nobody who can push all your buttons quite like a Grumpy Old Git can! So why not save them the hassle of having to look for the buttons themselves and just go ahead and warn everybody around them that sooner or later… their buttons will be pushed!?

You can buy this time-saving and hilarious mug by clicking on the link below! Design is also available as a t-shirt.

I Didn’t Mean To Push All Your Buttons Mug


Dad’s Mug… Hands Off!

It’s hard and frustrating enough to keep your own things to yourself as a parent… nevermind as a Grumpy Old Git! Which is why this mug is the perfect gift for the GOG in your life who doesn’t like people touching their things (which I’ve found, is most of them). Send those pesky kids a subtle warning to keep their hands to themselves with or to suffer the consequences with this handy, hilariously designed mug?

You can buy your Grumpy Old Gits new favorite mug using the link below!

Grumpy Old Gits Dads Mug