A French Girl Tells Us Her Top 20 Fave American Foods

A French Girl Tells Us Her Top 20 Fave American Foods

It’s time to get some new perspective on American cuisine!

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So obviously, we all know how we feel about American cuisine – it’s incredible! And believe me, no is disputing that. We’re all very proud of our country’s iconic food’s like the incredible hamburger and key lime pie!

But every now and then, it’s nice to hear from another point of view. And that’s where this French lady comes in. Marie Telling at Buzzfeed, who now lives in the U.S, has compiled a list of her ultimate fave American foods and we’re gonna countdown from 20 to see what she decides takes the number 1 spot!

20. Bagels.

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A good choice though I kinda expected it higher on the list!

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Every kind of bagel is amazing. Salmon and cream cheese. Pastrami. BLT. You can’t go wrong!

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19. Next, we have the wonderful Mac N Cheese

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Maries says her first Mac N Cheese wasn’t great. “My first encounter with macaroni and cheese (a Kraft box bought at a tiny grocery store during my first night in the US) traumatized me for a long time. I had never seen orange cheese before, and the consistency of the whole thing completely threw me off. But since then, I’ve had good, homemade mac and cheese several times and I’ve finally come to understand why Americans are so crazy about this dish.”

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18. Ribs

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Particularly BBQ ones. Of course!

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Marie says “Americans rule at BBQ’s, while us French keep on grilling some lame skewers” It’s true Marie do BBQ’s like no one else!

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17. Beans

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Baked beans just rule, don’t they?

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They can go with so many dishes. Shout out to southern baked beans which are just the BEST.

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16. Next up, we have Cheetos. Of course.

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Of course, Cheetos was going to make this list.

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Anyone who moves to America will eventually jump onto the Cheetos bandwagon.

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15. Texan Queso

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I’ll just tell you how Marie explained it; “Seriously one of the best and most addictive things in the world.”

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Need I say any more than that?

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14. Next is the American classic, Apple Pie

So, guys, Marie made a bold statement here. As you know, French cuisine is known for its beautiful and delicious pastries. However, Marie has something to say about American apple pie… “France has its own version of the apple pie and I have to say, America did better than us here – and I do not say such things lightly.” You really can’t beat our pies!

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13. Texas Brisket

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The south is responsible for so many of our delicious dishes. And Texas Brisket is a great example of that.

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Is this list making anyone else feel huge hunger pangs?!

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12. Burritos

Typically a Mexican dish, but Americans do them pretty great too.

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Marie was so impressed by Burritos in America because they’re “almost impossible to find in France (except for a couple of Chipotle in Paris)”.

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11. Buttermilk Pancakes

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Laced with bacon and syrup is the ideal way to have them.

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If this was my list, pancakes would be a lot higher up!

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10. Grilled Cheese

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Of course, the marvellous grilled cheese was gonna make the cut.

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That cheesy goodness is just unbeatable.

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9. Milkshakes

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American’s make the BEST by far. A blessing that has spread all over the world.

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I thank the lord every day for milkshakes.

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8. Next up is Key Lime Pie

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Okay so Marie has made another bold (but true) statement about American food in comparison to French. “I love French lemon pies, but honestly (and I’m gonna get some shit from my people for saying this) they’re not as delicious as Key lime pies and their perfect balance between sweet and tangy.” Yes, Marie! We love that you understand how great our pies are!

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7. The Thanksgiving Meal

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The whole thing. Every little bit that comes together to make the ultimate meal.

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My mouth is watering!

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6. Fried Chicken and Waffles

Marie says this meal won her over “Another weird but winning combination. I’m usually not a huge fan of chicken (it’s often dry and there are better meats out there) but fried chicken is so so soooooo good.” Nothing like an American to put a strange combo together that is just amazing. And no one does fried chicken like us!

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5. Cheeseburgers

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Need we say anything about the American cheeseburger?

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Everybody is fully aware of how great they are and why they deserve a high spot on anyone’s list.

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4. Next up, it’s S’mores!

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Marie is bitter that s’mores didn’t happen in France and I don’t blame her! “I wish these were popular when I was growing up in France. This whole concept is so genius and delicious and I’m so mad the French didn’t come up with it (or at least adopt it).” I’m not sure a life without s’mores is a life worth living!

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3. Pulled Pork

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Marie tells us “Pulled pork almost made it to the first place and to be honest, I’m still debating whether I made the right call. I don’t have much to say about this one except that barbecue sauce may be one of the greatest inventions of all time.” Hmmm, we do love our pulled pork, we’ll decide if you’ve made the right choice once we get to number one!

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2. Maine Lobster Roll

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Marie recalls her first lobster roll; “The first time I had a lobster roll, I cried, ascended to heaven, came back and wept some more. This is a masterpiece. This is something the French should have invented but didn’t and for this, we should feel shame. Only one thing could ever beat this beauty…” An iconic dish from us! There isn’t much that beats it. Okay so let’s see what number one is…

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1. Bacon

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We support this decision. No one does bacon like us. Streaky, fried, juicy bacon.

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As Marie says “Do I really need to explain myself here? Bacon is pure perfection. Bacon is a gift from God. We are not worthy of bacon.” We totally back this!

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There we have it Acidheads! What do you think? Has Marie missed out any of your ultimate fave American foods? Do you think she made the right decision for the top spot? Let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook post! And don’t forget to share this with your family and friends!