Father Cuts Off His Daughter’s Beautiful Hair As Ridiculous ‘Punishment’

Father Cuts Off His Daughter’s Beautiful Hair As Ridiculous ‘Punishment’

“Mum was upset on how her child was being cared, I guess for the lack of better terms.”

The father and stepmother, who both work as firefighters, have allegedly been suspended from work already.

What do you think about this case? Is there any possible justification for what this father did? Personally, I think it’s a complete and utter infringements upon the basic rights of another human being, and what’s more, it’s a total violation of trust between father and daughter. Let’s face it – Kelsey may never want to speak her dad again.

Parental disciplinary techniques such as spanking are often the subject of fierce debate on social media, with some saying that it instils discipline in the child, with others saying that it is damaging and primitive.

But the debate around this incident was much more one-sided, and it’s no surprise – It’s hard to see how you could take Kelsey’s case to be anything other than abuse.

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