Explorers Find Child’s Disturbing Final Message In Abandoned House And It Is TERRIFYING

Explorers Find Child’s Disturbing Final Message In Abandoned House And It Is TERRIFYING

27Seriously, did these guys learn NOTHING from The Blair Witch Project? 


I don’t care how brave you are or how ridiculous you think the prospect of an afterlife is, you do NOT under any circumstances go exploring creepy, abandoned houses in the middle of the woods- it never ends well. You may say I watch too many horror films- but I say you’re being naive and playing with fire. GHOSTS LOVE ABANDONED HOUSES! It’s literally their favorite hangout. 

Do you know what else they love? A bunch of cocky teenagers armed with cameras. So, when YouTuber Josh and his adventurous friends ventured way off the beaten track to look around an old rotting chapel and two abandoned houses- they were bound to find something sinister and horrific. Of course, they were- that’s just the way it is. 

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What they found on their adventure has divided opinion- some think it’s super dark and a genuine, horrific message- others think it’s all a big prank. However, that doesn’t stop it giving us the freakin’ creeps.  The story has gone viral and the YouTuber reached out to UniLad to tell his story. Here’s how the events of that day panned out;

“The gang likened the chapel to something out of a fairytale, gothic windows framing the lonely woodland surroundings on all sides.

Mass clearly hadn’t been said within those walls for a long time; decay warping the floorboards where the congregation had once knelt in prayer.

The leaf-strewn path leading up to the first home clearly hadn’t been trodden for some time, but echoes of the past still remained.

A collapsed piano crumbled silently into the festering floorboards while mouldering sofas were arranged around what must have once been an inviting fireside.”

Walking around the ruined home, Josh pondered over the structure’s happier times:

“What I like about doing abandoned houses is that they’re way more personal than going to a public school or a hospital.

Because this is like someone’s home. And god knows what happened to them for this all to happen.

Whoever built this first must have been so happy, with a family, you know, and now look at it.

You’ll never know what happened too because it’s not like a big place that gets recognition.”

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Exploring With Josh/YouTube Exploring With Josh/YouTube

So as if this wasn’t scary enough already (yes I’m a wimp I know) the explorers decided to visit a second home- one which was much more intact and yet even more unsettling than the first, containing the dusty remnants of a life mysteriously interrupted.

“A film of dust enveloped the faded VHS collection while pastel shaded, miniature chairs bore the names of the children who had once sat in them.” Josh explained…

“The uncanny mix of normality and weirdness was jarring. Mugs had been left on the kitchen counter while a newspaper dating back to 2008 lay neatly on the dining room table.”

In the video, Josh continuously tells us what’s on his mind:

“This is weird actually. This is like me living here and just having to leave, like why?

Why would they leave everything? It’s so weird though.”

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Exploring With Josh/YouTube Exploring With Josh/YouTube

It was there in that house that the eerie discovery of the day was made: upon a small blackboard, a child’s drawing of a long-haired woman hanging from a rope by her neck was found.

Let’s be honest, to find such a drawing anywhere would be enough to send a shudder down anyone’s spine, and in my case- to send me running frantically out of the door. However, this was clearly no ordinary place.

A visibly concerned looking Josh noted:

“This is actually messed up.”

After the event, Josh went on to tell UNILAD:

“I think another explorer drew it in the past who was trying to scare others If they found the house.

I found NO history on that house, to be honest, I don’t even know where the house is anymore. I think I was somewhere in Pennsylvania.

I was about a good mile into the woods/mountains for sure!”

He added:

“I think the fact that the power was still on and everything there was like it was frozen in time made it really creepy. They still had VHS movies there, which brings a creepier feeling – they don’t even make those anymore!

I feel maybe something bad caused this. Or it was haunted!

We felt fine because we explore and deal with this stuff daily [laughs]. It’s sorta kinda old to us seeing all this stuff a lot. But I do admit and you can tell in the video we were freaked out and we were talking about this for a few days after!”

There is something undeniably creepy about the fact that the house was just in a completely “lived-in” state- surely, if you had a family and were moving house- you’d pack up all of your belongings, you’d shut off the electric and leave it empty. It seems that something has made this family leave in a hurry. The reason? I guess we’ll never know.

What do you think of this eerie drawing and abandoned house? Let us know your thoughts in the comments- we’d love to hear your input!