Check Out These Unseen Snaps Of Emilia Clarke!

Check Out These Unseen Snaps Of Emilia Clarke!

She is an English actress who we know well from her epic role on Game of Thrones. However, before that life changing experience which has managed to make her a household name, she studied at the Drama Centre London and went on to do a number of stage productions then she debuted on television in 2009 in the British soap opera ‘Doctors’. Even so, these are pretty modest beginnings to come from before landing in ‘Game of Thrones’ in 2011. Now, people are obsessed! They simply cannot get enough of her and that might be because she’s seems so sweet and friendly. In fact, many of these pics that you are about to see have her with a smile upon her face in a warm greeting to whomever might be asking for her attention. She doesn’t seem to have the same distaste for the paparazzi like many others celebs do and so, we are usually getting the best of her at all time. Let’s take a look at what she in real life

Her bathing suit body:

Well, she probably doesn’t know that she’s being watched right now but she’s out trying to enjoy her day in the sun.

She’s out with her a friend.

We have to wonder if the camera person is hiding their intrusions or if they are actually trying to get her attention before a photo is taken because again, she seems to be caught off guard.

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