If You Are A Dog Lover, You Will LOVE These 16 Relatable  Tweets

If You Are A Dog Lover, You Will LOVE These 16 Relatable Tweets

If you’re crazy about dogs then you’ve come to the right place!

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And if you aren’t crazy about dogs, then you’re just plain crazy. Okay so, first of all, dogs are too good for us. We know this. And we appreciate just how lucky we are that they exist and we get to keep them as pets! Could life be any better? So we thought it was only gonna brighten up your day if we share an article with you all that emphasizes how much we love our dogs. You’re definitely gonna relate to these fellow dog enthusiasts! So without further ado, let’s get feeling that puppy love…

1. We all know this familiar reaction to a certain question

And by the time you’ve made a ‘w’ sound, this has happened…

But it’s just so ridiculously cute how excited they get! God love them.

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2. This guy who has his priorities straight

Does anyone else do this too? I feel strange if I don’t leave my dog with something to do!

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I try to keep my little secret hidden in the workplace though. I don’t want people knowing I think Frasier is my dog’s fave show…

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3. I think everyone needs to do this

And here’s the photographic evidence to prove it…

I love the way this guy thinks. Dogs are the most important, so, therefore, they should always ride shotgun!

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4. This dog has been a very good girl

Her dad felt the need to thank his dog for all his ‘hard work’…

I see nothing wrong with this frame hanging in the office. Meeka needs to know how great she’s been! I’m inspired now…

5. #FirstWorldProblems

Really, though, it actually is all that matters!

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And at least it gives us a reason to get up in the morning, right?

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6. We don’t need shrinks, we just need dogs.

And it’s pretty much as easy as that, right?

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Put me in a room full of pugs and I’ll be cured of anything. Pugs, not drugs!

7. Never has a truer statement been made

All I thought after reading this was ‘same’.

Do it for your dog! We don’t deserve them!

8. When your dog is more social than you

It’s difficult when your dog knows how to make friends better than you.

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But I’m really not surprised because they’re the BEST. *sighs* Did I mention, they’re the best?

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9. When you worship your dog and wanna tell the world!

Wait for it, seriously, just wait for it…

I am in shock and awe at the same time. That is true dedication and love. And it is truly terrifying too…

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10. When you do this to pretty much anyone

Hell, I’ll do this to a complete stranger if it means the opportunity to brag about how great my dog is.

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And if you don’t wanna listen to it, then tough, because you have to.

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11. This is a million times better than having a guy for a date

OMG, this is far too much. What a fantastic idea. Wait for the picture though…

HE IS THE PERFECT DATE, I AM DONE. Need I go on? Yeah, I’m still not done talking about dogs…

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12. When you want to give your dog a better life

It’s far too much saying goodbye to your dog when you’re going to college. So I think this was an ingenious plan…

He deserves a future too, Mom! This is hilarious though. We love it.

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So are you feeling all warm and gooey inside, Acidheads?! We know we didn’t need to reaffirm your love for dogs, but we just love talking about how much we adore them! We hope you enjoyed it too. Feel free to comment on our Facebook post and let us know what you think! And don’t forget the share with your fellow dog lovers!