Disabled Man Sees Family Blanket On Antiques Roadshow, Now He’s A Millionaire

Disabled Man Sees Family Blanket On Antiques Roadshow, Now He’s A Millionaire

Being suddenly rich is something we all dream of. It could happen any way, maybe through a lottery win or because some rich great great great uncle you never knew about suddenly dies and leaves you his entire fortune. We’ve all fantasised about what we’d do if we suddenly had a life changing amount of money on our hands and what we’d do to fulfil our wildest dreams with all of that cash, but do you ever actually believe that it could all come true? Of course not! It’s just a fantasy! But imagine for a moment that it could really happen to you.

Recently, one man from California had his entire world upside down as he suddenly discovered that a family heirloom was worth more than he ever could have dreamed it would be. The story is so crazy and life changing that it’s almost unbelievable, but today we’re going to hear exactly what happened to turn this man’s life around in the most positive way. Hang onto your hats, people, we’re in for a wild ride!

Loren Krytzer is a 53 year old man from Carolina who hadn’t had the best of luck in his life so far. He had been working as a freelance carpenter until a terrible car accident left him fighting for his life. Krytzer managed to pull through, but he was now given only five years to live by doctors. He spent the better part of a year in the hospital on dialysis, as the damage to his foot had caused serious infections, and the outlook didn’t look good.

In order to save his life after complications, doctors had to amputate his foot, leaving him disabled and with no way to work as he once had. Krytzer told CNBC about the difficult decision to save his life by taking his foot, he said, “I kept trying to do the best I could, and finally it got so bad they said, ‘Now we have to cut your foot off,’” His world was torn apart and it seemed like things were only going from bad to worse for Krytzer.


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