Did You Know That These Celebs Have Super Intense Phobias?

Did You Know That These Celebs Have Super Intense Phobias?

We all have some sort of fear. It may not be a crippling one but we can certainly relate to some of these phobias that these celebrities share with the world which are mostly understandable. However, there are some that make you wonder what the heck they are so afraid of! The ones that you will read which are absolutely ridiculous have us wondering what in the world happened to them during their lifetimes in order for them to develop such a fear. Perhaps they just have too much time on their hands or perhaps the question was presented to them on the spot and this was the only thing that they could think of. Honestly, any answer is a good one for having some of these phobias!

For those who genuine fears, it is just something that they have to deal with each time the fear arises whether or not it is realistic to be so afraid. However, if is something that begins to alter your life, then it’s important to tackle the issue head on before you continue with it because those that do, will miss out on so many of life’s experiences. These days, there are plenty of things that can be done in order to help you out including counseling and group meetings. The important thing to realize is that you are probably not alone! I mean, we all live on this Earth too and we are all susceptible to being afraid of something at some point in our lives. However, it can be overcome and so we hope that some of these celebrities are going to make sure that they get this fear under control so that it doesn’t end up controlling them.

It’s a brave thing to do when you face your fears so let’s see what these celebs are afraid of:

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Channing Tatum – Porcelain Dolls

So, when it comes to this guy, he says that he’s afraid of porcelain dolls and that it might be because of a scary movie that he watched once when he was a kid. Even so, he is overall afraid of them because they look so real and he believes that they watch you and even turn their heads when you walk by them. Well, they are pretty creepy and so we have to agree with him a little bit on that respect. It takes a real man to admit that he’s afraid of a doll who’s face can be smashed by just dropping it.

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Johnny Depp – Clowns

This is a common fear because we just can’t seem to figure out why a grown man in face paint is funny and not completely creepy! Also, there have been plenty of scary movies which show the true nature of clowns and so many of us are just not interested in the circus for that reason. Well, it seems that one of our favorite celebs also has this fear. One reason why he doesn’t like clowns, he says, it is “something about the painted face, the fake smile.” See? We all feel that way about these guys. So, quit already!

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Uma Thurman – Confined Spaces

Quentin Tarantino is the kind of director who wants to exploit the actor’s real fears and so he didn’t even care when he stuck her in a coffin and threw dirt on top of it.

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