Did You Know That Dornan Had To Wear A ‘Wee Bag’ During The Sex Scenes In Fifty Shades?

Did You Know That Dornan Had To Wear A ‘Wee Bag’ During The Sex Scenes In Fifty Shades?

For those of you who are familiar with this movie, you should know that some of these sex scenes appear to be all too real! I mean, these two actually look like they are getting it on and for that reason, we want to describe to you what exactly comes between these two during their explicit sex scenes!

It can’t be easy to pretend to be as intimate as these two were during this film. In fact, they were so close that you might as well say that they did everything BUT have actual intercourse. This must be the most difficult part about making a movie like this because it is so full of sexual details that we have to wonder how the two actors were able to handle that kind of intimacy without having it interfere with their real-life friendship.

It’s clear that something is used between them and their private parts and as an audience member, we are always curious as to what is keeping them apart. It seems as if they are so close that no matter what comes between them is nothing more than just a distraction because all of it feels so real to the viewer and yet, we know that it absolutely is not. Therefore, we always want to know how this is accomplished and when Dornan was asked about it, he didn’t have any problems giving up the one, major detail that everyone wanted to know.

Now, we have discovered all about the “wee” bag that Dornan had to wear during these sex scenes and we also learned a little bit more about it than we really wanted to know! In fact, it’s kind of a turn off when you hear him talk about it and it might change the way you view these sex scenes from now on.

This is the kind of movie that most people watch alone.

That’s mostly due to the fact that you don’t like sharing with others your reactions to these scenes. In fact, the reality of making these scenes is pretty intense as well. These people are thrust into a physical connection that they must now pretend to be real so that the audience believes in what they are doing. These are the scenes that have always made us wonder what goes on between the two actors during them and even when they are not filming. Does it change the way they feel about each other? We all know that even actors are prone to developing feelings for one another after doing movies like this together.

And after hours. . .

So, we are sure that this movie is full of sexy and erotic stuff. For that reason, being alone when you watch it should be a requirement because it would be completely embarrassing if you ended up taking off your pants when someone else was in the room and not expecting this. . .

They are seeing their bodies in near full nudity.

Obviously, they have to bear a whole lot to make the cut of this film work out the way it was intended to. For that reason, they are constantly stuck in their birthday suits while on the set. When they do, it’s usually done on a “closed set” which means that only a skeleton crew is used in order to capture it. However, I never understood what difference any of that makes due to the fact that the camera is capturing it all anyway and so everyone will eventually see them in these compromising positions. So, what’s keeping them from going a little too far?

This might lead to other things in the long run!

I mean, how long can they expect to do this sort of thing, day in and day out, all the while trying to keep their libido in check! This actually seems like a pretty difficult task and we believe that it’s one of those things that are bound to blow up in the end. There’s just no way they can go on without feeling something. . . Even if down below.

We had to know what was coming between them.

It’s just hard to believe that they aren’t actually engaging in intercourse because it looks like they absolutely are!

It’s all in the way they move their bodies!

During these scenes, they move in such a way that they look as if the real thing is going on underneath the sheets. Now, it’s hard to believe that no friction takes place and that if it did, no result is ever happening for either of them. It seems like a gust of wind gets many people in the mood so how come they aren’t after all of that foreplay?

This trilogy has been the most read and watched in history!

Well, if you’re going to give it to us straight, then you’re likely to find a dedicated audience who appreciates all of these gory details.

This is the real steamy stuff!

There’s no wonder why these books were so popular. If anything, you could read it and no one would really know that you were getting all steamed up inside. It’s one of those reads that you might want to wait for when you’re all alone as well but if you were brave enough to venture out into public life with this book in hand, no one would really judge you.

These two had to be very close for the scenes.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were the lead roles in this film and together, they made the sex look real! So, what was really going on during these moments?

There was probably more going on than they would like to admit!

It can’t be easy to keep your cool when you are constantly nude and grinding on each other and so they must have a few secrets between them that they cannot talk about publicly and that’s okay, they should be able to have their privacy in at least that one respect!

Jaime tells Jimmy what kept them apart.

Admittedly, those scenes were hard to film and eventually, the two actors ended up laughing through most of the awkward moments that they spent in close proximity to each other.

Did things go bump under the sheets?

Of course they did! Also, we can never expect them to tell us this. That would be even more embarrassing than if we just assume that it close enough to make a difference. Sometimes we don’t need to know all of the details in order to allow our imaginations to wander.

They obviously enjoyed their work together.

They both say that they are close because of this film but they tell us that it’s more like they are brother and sister. This, makes it sounds even worse than it really is. . .

Well, that’s one way to put it!

Also, it might give us the impression that they weren’t turned on by each other at all which is probably the exact opposite of what really happened. Therefore, they can stop the rumors right as they start, especially by calling their relationship brother and sister. . .yuck! That’s can’t be true because it would be worse.

They enjoy each other’s company.

For Dakota, she wore “kind of a patch that went over her pubic area, and right around her whole body.” So, now we know how she was covered. Even so, every other part was showing.

Does that little piece of fabric keep him far away?

Clearly, there’s not a lot going on in terms of material down there and so can only suspect that she was able to feel his member at some point. We’re not sure how this really works and perhaps they did this act so often together that there’s really no emotions at all going on downstairs but somehow, we doubt that!

For Jamie, he wore a “wee bag.”

Immediately, people wanted to know what he meant by “wee”.

Is it not all that it’s cracked up to be?

Considering the fact that this movie was so full of sex and sexual fantasies, we have to assume that he guy was able to deliver but when he calls it a “wee” bag, we have to wonder.

Does it stand for “pee” or is it a reference to size?

Jamie explains that where he comes from (Northern Ireland) the word is simply “an expression that I say from where I’m from. . . But it doesn’t mean it’s wee in size. I wear quite a big bag.”

So, get that out of your idea ladies!

This guy wants you to know that he is definitely not a “wee” size! He’s much more interested in describing to us what he means by that just so we can get it out of our minds altogether. It’s NOT small!

How big is the bag?

That’s what we’d like to know. Also, these scenes were filmed on a close set which merely means that a skeleton crew was used. Therefore, they still had to show themselves to a small group of people. Also, the two of them were constantly laughing in order to get through the awkwardness of these scenes.

He’s took sexy to just laugh with!

They’re just saying that so we don’t think that anything was going on between them. However, we are not so easily convinced! It’s just too hard to believe that all they did was laugh through the awkwardness. Perhaps because there were people in the room and so they couldn’t really express themselves properly in that environment.

They shared a lot of laughs!

Jamie continues to defend the size of his “wee” bag, saying, ‘I wear like this huge, like travel sized, sort of stuff everything in there. Like a potato sack. Yeah.” Unfortunately, he thinks it was a previously used bag.

That must have been some shocking news!

There’s not much you can say when you discover that you have been using used “wee” bags. It probably doesn’t sit very well but if there are no other choices, I guess there wasn’t much he could do but agree to wearing it. That’s a huge commitment but it will be worth it to make a great movie.

He thought it was a new bag.

He discovered that it was used when. . . “On the first movie, there was a selection of [bags] and I picked one. I thought you’d take them out of the packets and they’d be brand now: they’d have that brand new smell. Then I sort of picked one that I liked the look of and the shape of and in the seam, it said, ‘Inmate No. 3’. It was sewn into it. I was like ‘sh*t. This has been used before?’”

No me gusta!

Hopefully, he threw a fit about it all but chances are that he just kept his mouth shut and told them that it was all just fine so that he could keep his job. I’m sure there were other’s willing to wear used bags and so he probably learned to just take what he can get.

He had to use a used “wee” bag.

It was a compromise that he was willing to make!

When all is said and done, if this is the worse thing that he had to go through then that’s something that can be handled easily. Mostly because there’s nothing else that can be done about it at the time and so, what choice did he have? Hopefully he forgot about the “used” factor and just got to work.

He had a lot of bags to choose from.

It was a tough decision but he feels like he chose the right “wee” bag.

But when he did, it was game on!

He didn’t let that hold him back from doing the job that he came there to do. It was all or nothing and so he managed to get over the fact that it was used and focused on the sex scenes without being too distracted (we hope) by the fact that his “wee” bag was used.

They became more comfortable doing these scenes in front of other people.

In the beginning, it was difficult to be so open with their bodies in front of other people but in time, they were simply used to it.

After a while, they just went for it!

They no longer worried about being shy and they decided to do what they had to do to make this movie a huge success. Honestly, we would all like to thank them for being able to get over any shyness that they might have had because we had a good time watching them be free with their bodies!

He can’t get enough of talking about his “wee” wee.

He continues to say, “Your dignity is intact as much as it’s all tucked away in a little flesh-colored bag. As a guy, you put all your essentials in a little bag and you tie it up like a little bag of grapes and it’s tucked away. It’s quite a peculiar thing to do every day.”

Just knowing that it’s there makes a small difference in how we see it!

It’s just such a weird thing to have all of his package packaged into. We can hardly imagine what it must have been like to be all tucked in tight like that. It does change the way we see it. Sorry!

He tells us all the dirty details.

Obviously, this movie has a little of dirty details to give! However, let’s discover a few more this about “Fifty Shades of Grey” that you probably didn’t even know. . .

We don’t want you to miss anything so we are holding nothing back!

This is the kind of show that just reveals too much and yet, it is also socially acceptable to know all of the dirty details as well. No one even judges you! It’s the perfect cover and it’s all for you. Let’s find out more. . .

Oprah Winfrey loves these books!

She has this to say about them, “I have downloaded all the Fifty Shades of Grey novels and for the first time I can take some guilty pleasure and just read. But I’m thinking, stop with the story, get to the juicy part.”


JK Rowling won’t read the books.

Some novelists prefer to stay away from the works of another and when asked about if she felt like she was missing out on this trilogy, she replied, “Not really.”


She’s too good for all of that competition

She would rather focus on her own style of writing and plenty of people who share the same creative craft do this as well. The reason why you stay away from another person’s work in the same field as your own is to be sure that you are remaining authentic and that they style does not “rub off” on you.

It inspired clothing.

Well, this movie has extended to all sorts of funny clothing ideas, including these toddler onesies!


I’m sure that it also spawned different outfits as well

Also, I’m pretty sure that they were adult size and they left no room for down about what was about to take place between two, consenting adults.


The name even inspired one burger joint owner at The Custom House to sell a burger called “The 15 Shades of Bacon Burger”.


Who wouldn’t eat these burgers?

They already represent something delicious that we are already hungry for but they also suggest something else altogether. Just reminding us of this movie puts a smile on the corner of our lips. We know too much! It’s disgusting. . .

Out with the old and in with the new.

One hotel owner at Damson Dene Hotel in Crosthwaite took out all of his bibles and replaced them with “50 Shades of Grey” books.

No suggestions are necessary!

We know exactly what you mean! It’s hard to say why a hotel would do this but it is quite the bold thing to do and some people might think that it’s absolutely hilarious. However, they are also sure to get a bunch of people opposed to this kind of smut set out in place of the Holy Bible.

Books sales in 2015.

Before the movie was even released, this book already sold 100 million copies which are more than Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows, AND The Da Vinci Code.

That’s quite a feat!

Also, what does that say about our society that we are flocking to this book above all others? Well, some of the best known authors are sure to make a detour down the sexual paths of writing and so this is really no surprise. Often times, we want to read what most people will only think about.

Location of the book.

The book is set in Portland and Seattle Washington but the author (E.L. James) had never been to those cities and admits that she used Google Street view so that she could get a feel for the environment when she wrote.

It was a smart move!

Most writers don’t try to change their environment to suit their writing but those writers tend to the ones that have the hardest time getting anything done. The best way is to follow the muse and then drown yourself in it so a masterpiece will be inevitable!

Sales of hardware items increased.

A Pennsylvania hardware store says that the sales of duct tape, rope and cable ties increased as more people began acting out these scenes.

Are you surprised?

This is something that changes things a bit. I mean, this movie was so good that people were willing to give it a try, for real! This meant that they would need some real hardware and so this book completely influenced markets that were outside of it’s genre.

More people wanted to be like the characters in the movie.

They wanted to be able to express themselves sexually like never before!

This takes a lot of guts but after this movie, even a little attempt in that direction will make a huge difference in their lives. It was as if there were no holds barred and the sexual monster that they previously kept caged was not set free in the real world in order to conquer it!

The author’s real name.

We know her as E.L. James but those initials stand for Erika Mitchell.

I guess she wanted to know if it was a success before she put her name to it!

Or, put a ring on it! Anyway, you can come out of hiding now! The world is in love with your sexy books and so now, she can reveal her full name to the world.

Harry Styles.

This former One Direction band member is a huge fan of these books as well. He wanted to learn some techniques for his own love life.

Hopefully, he learned some good moves that he could put to use!

The only way to move forward with life is to constantly be changing and this is one change people are dying to embrace!

Clearly, he wanted to get closer to the ladies.

If a lady ever looks at you like this, then you’ll know that it worked!

There are signs that you can look for in order to be able to tell if a woman is interested in you. One way you can tell is if she stops what she’s doing and faces you completely. Smiles and good conversation are all that are needed after this and then you can ask her what her favorite book is!

Musical composition.

The author says that she was listening to this music when she was writing her sex scenes for the books. She tells us, “I have songs that I write the sex scenes to. One of them is the Black Eyed Peas song ‘Sexy’ That is a very sexual song.”

There are plenty of sexy songs to choose from!

Each of them is going to give the impression of sexual interludes and when it does, all this writer had to do was let the creativity flow and we can only imagine how she was able to muster up all of that sexuality all on her own but the world is certainly glad that she did!

The sale of sex joys.

This book has been responsible for the increasing market in this stuff, including love beads which went up by 400% in sales!

Everyone was willing to give it all a try!

There’s no reason to hold back anymore, especially since it’s already out there are ready for you to participate and the world even has some toys for you to play with as well. This must have been a happy boost to this economy.

That’s a lotta love!


Maybe a little too much love!

It must have really told the industry that people were hornier than ever before! They must have been selling these books in these stores as well! If not, they probably should because it has already brought them so much business. It’s the least they could do.

Selling to Universal Pictures

These movie rights were sold to Universal Pictures for $5 million dollars.

That’s every little girl’s dream!

This must have made her feel completely justified because you really can’t argue with that much money! It’s not like she planned it but a girl can dream and if it happens to come true then all is well!

The book or the real thing?

According to a pole, most women prefer to read about having sex rather than actually having it.

That’s right!

That might be a real shock for some men in the world but often times the imagination is better than the real thing and so, don’t be surprised if the ladies are doing more reading at night than doing other, sexual activities.

This, according to an online poll in 2014:

Most would prefer to read the book. It’s that good!

The details are good enough so that you feel like you were there!

Most good writers are able to grab their readers and take them on a journey through their mind. In this case, it was full sexual experiences that very few of us have ever tried before. Reading books is also a great way to spend your time.

She has a lot of guts writing this!

I can only imagine how people close to her reacted when they first read her work. They must have thought that she was mad and yet, they are probably her biggest fans.

Thankfully she has a lot of fans throughout the world who also love it!

At the end of the day, she must be pretty proud of herself for completing her work and attaining great success from it. She has literally accomplished what she intended to do and it’s only icing on the cake from here!

People are obsessed by these two!

It’s just so weird to watch the movie because you feel like you know them a little too well and so seeing them outside of character is a difficult pill to swallow. We wonder why they are not in bondage and blindfolds!

Every scene of this movie offered up some sort of fantasy!

Just make sure that the woman in front of them doesn’t turn around! That would be a bit much. . .


There were so many intimate moments that had nothing to do with being naked either!

So, the overall effect of the movie was surreal because we were not sure what to expect next. We are used to love and happily ever after but this movie had so much more than this and it really dug in deep into the passions of human existence.


They even have artist renditions of these two which are completely accurate!

That’s how hard core these fans are. They are willing to recreate them in other medias so that they can continue to enjoy these characters and their sexual lust between them. It’s not enough to see them in the movies, now we get to check them out in these very creative pieces of illustrations


Just imagine having this man standing above you and saying this! After seeing this movie, more women are more apt to say the word “yes” than ever before. That’s probably because this stuff was never really presented like this before and so some people had absolutely no idea how to go about doing this.

There’s so much to their story than what meets the eye

They seemed genuinely interested in each other and she was surly falling hard for him. As the story developed, so did their characters and now we cannot imagine anyone else in these roles. They are absolutely perfect together and they also did a great job, despite all of the awkward nudity that they had to endure around each other.

I don’t know how but they also became more attractive too!

It’s amazing how we view someone in one light and then after getting to see them in action, we are suddenly able to see them in a completely new one. They took an ordinary girl and made her into an extraordinary lady that was full of lust and hidden powers. She just went for it and we were glad that she did. Now we know everything!

She’s is curious about everything that he has to offer!

I mean, who wouldn’t be? This is a world that she has never explored before and now was her chance to see what all of the fuss was about. She did manage to find a few flaws but not enough to keep her from wanting more. Now, she was hooked and just couldn’t say no.

He was a rich and powerful man!

Therefore, he had a lot to offer already and yet, he ended up having a hunger for something more and so when he was interviewed by a beautiful young lady, he was immediately drawn to her and he wanted nothing more than to conquer her. And he did!

He probably wasn’t expecting to fall so hard for her!

In the beginning, he was immediately trying to make a move and even tries to keep her away from another man. He wanted her all for himself and she was more than happy to follow him into a world of pain and delight. He wasn’t romantic but he was deeply involved with her nonetheless.

Yes, please!

She was ready to submit to his desires and she even says the word “please”. This is complete abandonment and she doesn’t seem to care what happens next. She simply couldn’t wait to find out what was in store for her next. She even had to sign disclosure agreements in order to be led further into his world which ultimately led to his playroom that was full of BDSM toys and gear. There’s so much to say about all of this but after signing the paperwork, she was obviously in for the full ride.

Mr. Grey will see you now!

Oh, we are sure of that! In fact, there’s probably nothing that he WON’T see! This guy has it all worked out and we often wonder how people get to be this way because it just doesn’t seem like something that’s normally done but in a way, this is part of his allure because we all want to know what’s going on in his mind and why he indulges in this so much.

Mrs. Grey Will See You Now!

Now we have to wonder how she has changed on the inside because after all of these experiences, there’s a good chance that she wants to take an unsuspecting soul into her own playroom and have their way with them!

This whole movie was a dirty as dirty can get without and X rating!

She did refuse to honor parts of the contract but ultimately she let him punish her completely because she wanted to know how much punishment was possible in this sort of relationship. She didn’t like it at all! Everything else seemed to be fine with her though.

She did get to experience things that she never has before!

So, many women have to wonder what it’s like to be in such a relationship and to be quite honest, it seems like a lot of work and even punishment! However, those who have been in normal, boring relationships might find themselves curious about one like this. They say that this book was most popular with house moms which really doesn’t surprise us a bit. They also say that many of these women would rather read about sex rather than having it. So, we can see how these were meant to be fantasies and not something that was intended for the big screen

This took these fantasies to a whole, new level!

And now that it‘s out and in the open, people are convinced that living out your fantasies is not always a bad thing. Critics of writing say that they have never read something so poorly written and still get published. So, perhaps she didn‘t write a literary work of art but she did manage to capture something that the human desires were searching for and the sales and success of her poorly written story are proof that it‘s all in the pudding! With that said, let’s just hope that you are out there working out your own, sexual fantasies and running your credit card numbers at hardware stores in your area. We suggest that you break up the purchases a bit so that it’s not too obvious. It’s up to you!

Thanks for reading!