Dentist Is Warning Parents About Possible Health Risks When They Kiss Their Children

Dentist Is Warning Parents About Possible Health Risks When They Kiss Their Children

As a parent, making sure that our kids are happy, safe, and healthy are the most important things we do.

But as a parent, there are a number of things we do that could actually put our children’s health in danger.

Parents have been warned about the potential dangers of kissing their children.


Dr. Michael Chong is a pediatric dental specialist from the Gold Coast, Australia, and he recently revealed that a parent kissing their child on the lips could also pose a serious health risk!

When people kiss, they could pass along bacteria which could cause tooth decay through mouth to mouth contact.

Chong said in a recent interview:

“The damaging and non-damaging bacteria is spread through the transfer of saliva, and is most likely to pass to infants around or even before the time of baby teeth erupting.”

The dentist understands that not every parent will take his advice on board.

That’s why he’s advising that parents make sure their teeth and oral hygiene is in good condition.

That way it can minimize the risk of any mouth bacteria hurting their children.

“My advice is to get your teeth checked and cleaned to avoid transferring harmful bacteria to your child through kissing them on the mouth.” 

Celebrity dentist, Dr. Richard Marques, also revealed that children are particularly susceptible to dangerous bacteria if they still have their baby teeth.

Small children who still have their baby teeth are unable to adequately fight the bacteria off.

“Baby teeth have a different type of enamel and dentine to adult teeth.

“The enamel is much thinner on baby teeth. It is not as strong as adult enamel so is more likely to decay.”

But tooth decay is not the only health problem parents can pass on through kissing.


Parents can also spread harmful bacteria through food too.

Parents are being told to avoid blowing on their children’s food if it’s too hot.

Instead, they should let it cool down naturally. 

Parents should also avoid sharing utensils.

Chong warned:

“Other common mummy-hacks to avoid the spread of bacteria include pre-chewing baby’s food, and cleaning dummies by sucking on them before handing them to bub.” 

The best thing that parents can do in terms of their children’s oral health is to set a good example.

They can do this by regularly brushing their teeth and encouraging their children to do it too.

But on the topic of kissing, did you know kissing your child on the lips could pose a psychological danger to children too?

When Victoria Beckham posted a picture of herself kissing her daughter on the lips on Instagram in 2016, it opened up a can of worms and a debate about whether or not it was appropriate for parents to kiss their children on the lips?

According to child psychologist Dr. Reznick, parent kissing their children on the mouth is a bad idea.

She said:

“If you start kissing your kids on the lips, when do you stop?” 

Most parents don’t think of their children as having any concept of sexuality, but according to Dr. Reznick children actually, develop an awareness of sexuality at a very young age.

When their parents kiss them on the mouth, it is a very confusing experience for them.

“As a child gets to four or five or six and their sexual awareness develops, the kiss on the lips can be stimulating to them.

“People don’t like to hear this but the lips are an erogenous zone and feel-good chemicals that are associated with sexual arousal – including serotonin and oxytocin – are released through lip-kissing.”

But if you kiss your children on the lips, don’t panic yet!

Another psychologist, Sally-Anne McCormack said that parents continuing to kiss their children when they’re out of nappies isn’t a terrible thing. If anything it’s no more confusing than prolonged breastfeeding.

I think we can all agree that this is a debate that is never going to end, but the potential health risks of kissing your children are definitely worth bearing in mind!

What do you think about the potential risks of kissing your child on the lips?

Is kissing your child on the lips something you do, or were you kissed on the lips as a child?

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