Here Are 60 Unseen Snaps Of David Beckham!

Here Are 60 Unseen Snaps Of David Beckham!

He started off as being a soccer player but he ended up being one of the sexiest men on earth. So, who needs soccer anymore? Obviously, it is still his passion and yet, he is not afraid to branch out and do other kinds of work in his life which includes modeling. We have since seen him in underwear ads and he even married one of the Spice Girls (Posh) and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, we can confidently say that he is a celebrity wherever he goes because not only is he stylish and handsome but he has made a huge impact on the male modeling world as well. It is no surprise then, that the paparazzi will not leave him alone and so you are about to see how he deals with this success. I’m sure that he had no idea that soccer would one day lead to a life like this but it has and now, the world is anxious to see him in public so that they can take a closer took at his good looks and even shake his hand if they get the chance. He is just so recognizable right now that there is no hiding. Now let’s take a look at some photos that he probably never wanted taken of him:

He pushes a camera guy away:

We are sure that this happens a lot to these photographers. The crowds just get to be too much sometimes.

Getting angry:

He is definitely putting someone in his place here. We can see it in the way he is pointing.

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