Dad Forces His ‘Bully’ Son To Run To School In The Rain

Dad Forces His ‘Bully’ Son To Run To School In The Rain

If there’s one thing I detest the most in life, it’s bullying.

There is absolutely no need for it. Watching someone hurt and upset another person boils my blood and makes me incredibly angry.

No one wins when it comes to bullying. The victim will continue to feel worthless, and it’ll affect their confidence and other areas of their life.

But it also hurts the bully because it’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with his life that will continue to go unchecked.

Bullying isn’t just something we experience as children, it’s something that follows us into adulthood too.

We can get bullied in the workplace, hell, you can even be bullied on the street!

Seriously, why do we struggle to avoid saying anything nasty to other people who simply don’t deserve it?

A lot of different people have very different ideas on how you handle a bully, especially if you find out that the bully is your child.

Well, one dad has recently caused a huge stir on the internet with his style of discipline when it comes to teaching his bullying son a lesson.

Bryan Thornhill made his son run a mile to school in the rain after finding out that he had been banned from the school bus for bullying other kids.

The dad was utterly disgusted to hear his son had been “a little bully.

So as a punishment for the child’s unacceptable behavior, he made his son run to school in the rain.

The video of the punishment was uploaded to Facebook where it soon went viral.

Bryan filmed his son running to school while he drove behind.

In the viral video he said:

“Hey everyone, welcome to ‘you better listen to your Dad 2018’.

“My son has finally got in trouble on the bus enough to where he was kicked off the bus for three days because he was being a little bully which I do not tolerate, can’t stand.”

In the video, you could see the boy was only wearing a hoodie, not a proper coat, and he had a large rucksack.

Not suitable equipment for running in the rain.

It was easy to see that Bryan was amused by the punishment. He claimed his son keeps up a “good six mph pace”, and that as a result of his punishment, the young boy had already started to adjust and improve his behavior.

“He hasn’t got in trouble at school this week, whereas last week he was absolutely out of his mind.

“This right here is called parenting.”

As you can imagine, Bryan’s parenting style divided people’s opinions.

Anita Hayden Hawthorne commented on the video: “I was in a classroom for 29 years I wish more parents were like you!

Another said: “Thanks for taking a stand against bullying and teaching your children lessons. Keep up the good work!”

Laura Allie agreed with Bryan’s choice of punishment: “You’re raising your kids right. Don’t listen to the ignorance. It’s not killing kids to run/walk in the rain or cold.”

Chandra Blue praised Bryan’s actions: “Thank you, Bryan Thornhill, for helping to spread the word and knowledge of actual parenting and not coddling these children to the point where they feel entitled and helping to teach them to become a productive member of society”.

But not everyone was wowed by Bryan’s parenting style.

Wendy Walsh wrote: “Horrible horrible example of parenting. Videotaping your child’s punishment on social media?!

Another said: “Really. Demeaning and humiliation are not good parenting tools! Hope you get charges brought against you!”

Maggy Fierro claimed that Bryan was “bullying” his son: “He learned to be a bully from you!”

And Mildred Gouveia said: “A different perspective from a mom & grandma. Maybe your son’s a ‘bully’ cause you’re one. You think? Kids learn from example. Look in the mirror. Just saying…”

But despite the mixed feedback, Bryan is still proud of his decision to punish his son like this.

He said in a later Facebook post:

“Ninety-eight percent of people love it and support. A few don’t which is fine. Can’t make everyone happy.

“I don’t care about the attention for me though. I care about the fact the thousands of messages I am actually reading with parents struggling to find ways to help their kids make it in society. So many parents fight with children as I do. Wanting to make sure that the kids are proper adults with respect and accountability.

“So far I have given many new ideas to parents that they love. That truly has me inspired for our future, for our children.

“To see people like me facing the same battles but wanting to be proper parents. Society has allowed children to have free passes for everything. We have built a society with free reign that can’t support their own children so therefore becoming dependent on assistance to survive.”

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