Couple Slept With Stomach Churning Bed Bug Infestation For Six Years

Couple Slept With Stomach Churning Bed Bug Infestation For Six Years

Have you ever found bed bugs in your home? Sometimes, as much as you try to prevent them, one of them makes their way into your home and you’re left wondering how it got here, when did it invite it’s friends, and what on earth you should do about it now? Eventually, you find a way to get rid of the bugs, even if that means having to sacrifice your mattress and bedding to the cause, and you try to forget they were ever there. But what if you don’t do anything about the infestation? Today we’re going to be looking at the story of one couple who lived with a bed bug infestation for six whole years!

Recently, a video of a pest control team showcasing a horrible infestation that one couple in London, England had to live with has gone viral. The video shows just how extreme the infestation was, with bed bugs crawling all over the floor, walls, ceiling, and bed in this unfortunate couple’s bedroom. As the video goes on, the exterminators reveal that this was a six year infestation and the sheer amount of bugs and eggs in the video is absolutely mind blowing. Here’s one of the shots taken from the video.

The video was taken by Peter Bowers-Davis and his fellow exterminator, Mark. As the video begins, Peter and Mark investigate a small hole in the wall of the property, which starts spewing bed bugs when disturbed. The pair then move to examine the bed that the couple slept on, and viewers begin to realise the extent of this huge infestation. The couple, who had chosen to remain anonymous, had to be ‘evicted’ from the building for the night while the exterminators went to work on the property they had been living in for six years. If I were them, I wouldn’t want to go back!

As the exterminators examine the bed, the sheets are seen to be crawling with bed bugs. As they pull back more of the sheets in an attempt to reach the mattress, more and more bed bugs are revealed within the bedding. The exterminators can’t believe their eyes, as Peter calls the infestation, “one of the worst that I’ve seen. This is the bed that they have slept in every night, the two of them. This is actually where someone was living.” Just thinking about sleeping in that bed makes my skin crawl!

As the sheets are lifted back, more and more bed bugs are revealed but that’s not the only thing the exterminators found in the infested bed. As they looked at the bed frame, they could see that it was covered in blood from the bed bug’s attacks on the couple as they slept. The couple had been sleeping in that bed until the night before the exterminators moved in to work. The infestation was so bad that the exterminators had to tape their gloves and protective clothing closed, just so the bugs wouldn’t be able to crawl into their clothes.

Reports have revealed that the apartment shown in the video is a part of an apartment complex that is made up of 135 units. Dozens of the other units in the apartment complex had been infected by the bed bug infestation, and so far thirteen of them have been treated by exterminators. During the video, cameraman Mark can be heard commenting, “this is what these poor residents of the building are up against,” showing just how bad the infestation had gotten within the building.

So are you ready to see this disgusting footage of the exterminators in the room with one of the worst bed bug infestations they have ever seen? Be warned, this footage is not for the squeamish, so if you’re not a fan of bed bugs, look away now! For those of us who are curious, just give the video a click and see one of the worst infestations of creepy crawlies to ever hit the internet. Careful though, you may feel like your skin is crawling for a while after you’ve watched this video!

What do you think about this story about a couple who slept in a bed infested with bed bugs for six years? What would you do if you discovered a bed bug infestation in your own bed? Have you ever had to deal with bed bugs yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!