Confessions: 20 Gross Things That Women Do Behind Closed Doors

Confessions: 20 Gross Things That Women Do Behind Closed Doors

When it comes to their perception of women, a lot of men live in a fantasy world. They see women as these beautiful, goddess-like creatures who just float into their lives smelling of nice things. I mean for crying out loud, they don’t even fart!

Well, I’ve got bad news, guys: we do. And we do much worse than that. There’s a whole load of gross stuff that we do in private that will shatter your perception of us forever, and they all came out in the wash (ahem) in a recent Reddit session.

Here are some of the best confessions from women around the world. Be warned – a lot of these are so gross that they might put you off your lunch. Or women in general.

1. “Ogle the particularly thick chunk of uterus lining that we pass during our period” – @happy_limbless

Yeah, that’s right. We’re going super gross straight off the bat. Did you expect a PG article? Well, sorry to disappoint.

2. “If I had a nickel for every time I looked back into the toilet while on my period and thought ‘My God did I just birth an alien baby?’ I’d have at least several nickels”@TrAshPriincess

…again, a poignant image on the subject of menstruation. I wonder what prompts people to share it with the rest of the world?

3. “I can’t remember the last time I washed my bra”@mrs_arigold

I think this is one of the better-known gross things that women do. Because our boobs generally don’t get up to much while in a bra (unless you’re a new mom), we don’t feel the need to wash them regularly.

However, this Reddit user should probably do it a little more often.

“I wash my bras all of the time now because while hooking up with my [significant other], we always kept tasting a strange garlic taste that would pop up randomly. Turns out one day after kissin’ the nips, he realized that this taste would pop up after some mouth on boob action”, she said.

“I then realized that I hadn’t washed my bra in forever,” the brave Redditor continued, “and after confirming that clean nips didn’t taste like that, we realized that it was the taste of boob sweat. Boob sweat tastes like garlic.”

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