This Chinese Face Map Can Reveal What Part Of Your Body Is Sick

This Chinese Face Map Can Reveal What Part Of Your Body Is Sick

2. Mouth and chin – connected to your colon and stomach

This isn’t just related to pimples around your mouth and chin, but problems inside your mouth as well, especially mouth ulcers. The connection between your mouth and your stomach mean that ulcers in your mouth could be mirroring ulcers you’re having in your stomach. The best way to combat this is by eating foods that are warm and lightly cooked. Also try to include more chia seeds in your diet, aloe vera juice can be very soothing if you include that too. Try to limit your consumption of foods that will irritate your stomach, including spicy foods, cold foods, and foods that are high in sugar and fat. Also try to avoid caffeine, which can cause irritation.

3. Below your eyes – connected to the kidneys

We’ve already mentioned how lack of sleep can show up immediately under your eyes, but it could be more than sleep that makes the skin beneath your eyes look dark and tired. This is because your kidneys are connected to the skin underneath your eyes, and as your kidneys are responsible for the fluid in your body it can show up under your eyes if you’re feeling dehydrated. The easiest way to deal with dark circles under your eyes is to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day while avoiding too much sugar, salt, and caffeine. Also, getting your eight hours of sleep every night can’t hurt!


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