Check Out These Unseen Snaps Of Serena Williams!

Check Out These Unseen Snaps Of Serena Williams!

She hit the world stage as a tennis player and is now The Women’s Tennis Association’s number one ranked player in the world! That’s no easy task. For that reason and everything that led to it, she has been sought after by sponsors and even the public due to her superstar status. Now, we can name all of the titles and accolades that she has earned in the tennis field but that is definitely a long list. We prefer to get to know her outside of all that and so we have put together some of our favorite pics of her both on and off the court. Most of which catch her in candid moments that absolutely we love to see. You will notice that she is an amazing and beautiful woman and we are about to see why the paparazzi just can’t get enough of her. Now, many celebs have their own, unique approaches to this sort of attention but she seems to handle it all in style. In fact, there’s hardly ever a time when she even notices the pap as she goes about her personal life with camera in tow and when she does, it is often with a kind gesture. Let’s take a look:

This is what a Serena Williams spotting looks like:

If this is her being unaware of the camera then it’s magical!

Even when she responds to the camera, it’s amazing!

We love how she’s all dressed up with her tennis racket in hand.

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