Check Out These Unseen Snaps Of Olsen Twins!

Check Out These Unseen Snaps Of Olsen Twins!

They were the ultimate child stars who ended up being the brand that all little girls had to have. It all began when they each played one role on ‘Full House’ and because they looked so much alike, nobody knew which one of them was playing the role. They were cute whenever they said stuff like, “You got it dude!” Since then, they were able to maintain their own roles and played in a series of television shows and even released their own VHS movies. Besides this, they had everything named after them from clothing to school supplies. So, they were literally famous from the moments that they were able to remember life all the way up until they were 18 years old and that’s when it all changed for them. They basically gave up the career of acting even though they were expected to continue their franchise. This shocked many of their fans but it was a fact that we have all been dealing with ever since. They just never returned. Even so, they are constantly bombarded by the paparazzi wherever they go and they are often seen trying to hide from the prying eyes of the lenses. See for yourself:

They never like to look at the camera.

They simply refuse to allow the paparazzi to take a good pic of them.

They hate it when they are spotted.

Even though they are still so cute, even as adults!

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