Check Out These Unseen Photos Of Nikki Minaj!

Check Out These Unseen Photos Of Nikki Minaj!

She is the famous rapper/singer and songwriter who has also done plenty of modeling and acting in her career as well. Basically, anything goes with this girl and you are about to see why! She is someone in which you can always expect something different from. She released a few mixtapes before releasing her first studio album in 2010 called ‘Pink Friday’ which went straight to the top. Also, even after all her success she even found time to be a judge on the popular television show American Idol during its 12th season. She helped other people make their dreams come true as well.

She is often well known for her elaborate wigs and costumes that she wears in which she appears to be someone completely different each time. You will see her in many of these as you read through this article. She is fun to watch and those of you who are her fans know how talented this little lady is. Let’s take a look now at some photos in which the paparazzi caught her out in public, being crazy, cute, fun and sometimes even mad:

Right now, she’s having fun and even gives us all a peace sign!

Peace out to you too Niki! She’s looking good in her casual clothing as well. She doesn’t always have to be dressed up to get out attention.

Here she is answering questions that people may have.

We are sure that she gets stopped all of the time but we can see that she keeps it moving because she probably has a tight schedule to keep.

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