Check Out Theses 60 Unseen Snaps of Dua Lipa

Check Out Theses 60 Unseen Snaps of Dua Lipa

Check out these sixty photos of Dua Lipa!  This list of photos ranges from off guard paparazzi pics to great performance shots and more!  However, let’s briefly take a look at what spawned her rise to fame.

Dua Lipa musical career technically started at the young age of fourteen when she began singing covers of other artists songs and uploading them to YouTube.  In 2015 would be signed to Warner Music Group and start developing her first studio album.  August of that year she would release her debut single “New Love.”  A few months later in October her second single “Be the One” would be released and it received success across Europe.  The track would chart in the top ten in over eleven European territories.  Lipa went on her first tour of the UK and Europe in January 2016 and the tour almost went for the entire year.  Her first tour came to a close in November 2016.  Single releases would continue to trickle throughout 2016 and in January 2017 the single “Scared to Be Lonely” with Martin Garrix would be released an made it to the number fourteen slot in the UK charts.  2017 would also be the year Dua Lipa would complete her first studio album releasing it on June 2 of that year.  Note that Dua describes her musical style as “dark pop” and this is an accurate description due to her distinguishable deep and husky voice.  Furthermore, I would consider the music she uses for a lot of her tracks to fall into the dance music category.  For example, her track “Hotter than Hell” has tropical house vibes written all over it.  Lipa annouced this year that work has begun on her second album and has stated that the album will likely see a 2019 release.

That was a quick general wraps up of Dua Lipa’s career and what she is presently working on.  Without any further ado let’s get into the list:

1. That’s litty.

Her top has a interesting design to it.  The flames have actual fluff giving them dimension.  I’m can’t decide if this is a lit outfit or a tacky one.

2. Very attractive photo except one thing.

She looks beautiful in this outfit but the silver shoes are off putting.  All black would have been better in my opinion.

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