Check Out This List Of Celebs With Learning Disabilities!

Check Out This List Of Celebs With Learning Disabilities!

When we are growing and learning, not all people do this at the same rate and so when one person has difficulties assimilating information quickly and easily when they are younger, it’s often due to some sort of learning disability. These learning disabilities can range from dyslexia to ADHD. It might even be OCD. These terms are pretty familiar to us these days but there was a time when many children went undiagnosed with these conditions and therefore, it became difficult for them to adjust as they were growing up because the world did not accommodate their needs.

However, now that we are better equipped to handle different learning curves, children with these learning disabilities have more time and support to overcome this better than ever before. Also, just because a child has difficulties, it doesn’t mean that they cannot learn or that they will not grow up to be happy and successful people.

In this list, you will be surprised to find out which of these celebrities had such learning disabilities and then you can clearly see that this never affected their lives later on. In fact, that which we are able to overcome, usually makes us stronger and this can very well be the case with many of these celebs.

Also, at the end of the day, who’s to say that these people would have been able to achieve this level of greatness or even genius abilities had there not been such a learning disability. That is to say, perhaps they were destined to experience life in such a way as to allow their minds to create something extraordinary that they may not have been able to do otherwise. Seriously, it’s worth some consideration because we can clearly see that in this group, there is no lack of mental ability now as they are all on the top of their game. Take a look:

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Justin Timberlake

He had ADHD and OCD. Both of these will make it difficult for a child to learn in a traditional environment. He was probably hard to keep focused and still. Perhaps he was in the back of the class working out some intricate dance moves because that’s the kind of person he is today. He is dynamic and talented and therefore, this so-called disability may have given him the ability to strive for perfection which is how anyone is capable of being the best, to begin with. So, we are thankful that he was able to overcome this without feeling like there was anything wrong. In fact, it was all right!

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Keira Knightley

She had dyslexia which is when people switch the letters of the words from forward to backward. So, you can see how this can make it difficult to learn when it’s hard to read anything! However, there is a way to work with children who have this learning disability so that they can overcome it. Perhaps the mind is going so fast, that it hardly wants to slow down long enough to read each letter of every word. That sounds like such a chore! Obviously, she did not let that hold her back because she is one of the most sensational actresses around! We love all of her period piece movies!

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Robin Williams

He also suffered from ADHD but for some reason, that doesn’t surprise anyone. The only thing that surprises us is that he also suffered from depression and was bipolar.

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