Check Out These Celebs Who Ended Up Having An Abortion!

Check Out These Celebs Who Ended Up Having An Abortion!

Having an abortion is a deeply personal decision that unfortunately receives a lot of negative connotations, especially to those groups of people who believe in Pro-Life. That’s merely because they believe that the child has no choice in the matter and so it’s not fair for them but when it comes to today’s world (or any day’s world) raising a child is no small feat. It takes love, compassion, time and a whole lot of money! So, whenever the choice lands in your womb, it’s time to think about it in a selfish way because it’s an important consideration to bring life into a world which is already overpopulated? This doesn’t mean that abortions should be used as a form or ‘birth control’ either. What we really need is to exhibit some self-control, or else a more preventative form of education with leads to birth control. Also, the man needs to take charge of the situation as well because they can have a say but yet they never have to be the one to carry, birth and ultimately care for the everyday needs of the baby. Of course, this isn’t always true but it certainly happens more often than not.

This alone, it what makes the topic of abortion come to mind whenever an unexpected pregnancy comes along. That’s because there’s so much to consider and many women also must make their own living and therefore, it’s hard to imagine how it’s possible to raise a child while attempting to keep, maintain and even become successful in the careers that they have already been working towards for years. In fact, a pregnancy can even put you out of work, especially when your appearance makes all the difference in this business because it does affect the kinds of jobs that you may or may not get! This is a huge burden to take on and giving up everything is just not something that every woman wants to do. So, let’s see which of these ladies chose abortion and remember, it was a difficult choice to make and we’re not here to judge:

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Chelsea Handler

She had hers at a young age (16-years-old) and we can only imagine why this happened. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that she was in high school and that everything in her life was going to change in such a way that she may not have fully recovered for years. These teenage moms have a lot to deal with. They are still growing up and still going to school and still living at home with mom and dad. This puts them in a very precarious position. Obviously, they made a mistake and so they chose abortion.

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Suzanne Somers

This hilarious actress went through a very traumatic experience when she almost bled to death after having an illegal abortion. Yes, that really did happen! This is the saddest part about denying a woman to have control over her own body. In some cases, the need for an abortion is so great that these women have to take drastic measures which can put their lives at risk. Her partner and she have later married and they are still together. So, we are glad that they were able to pull through this kind of tragedy and hopefully, sharing their story gives people pause before they decide that abortions are always a bad thing.

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Whoopie Goldberg

People say that she tried to perform a self-abortion with a coat hanger when she was 14-years-old.

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