Check Out The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Check Out The Real Life Partners Of The Cast Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

This show has people talking for more reasons than one! It is a unique perspective that centers on the lives of these women in prison and all that they have to go through while they are there. There are even flashbacks that help us understand why they were sent there in the first place. With all that said, we are fascinated with these people (not just the women) which includes many of the other characters as well. It’s just one of those shows that really tell us more than we need to know and for some reason, we are thankful for all of the truth that it dishes out.

Now, we are used to seeing these people in their drab, prison lives but this just makes us more interested in their real lives as well. We want to know how they spend their time and who they are spending it with so that we can get to know them for who they really are. One good way of doing that is getting to see them with their real-life partners.  Therefore, it is really exciting for us to discover how they spend their personal lives when they are not locked up and wearing orange!

You will probably be surprised when you see some of their partners because some of them are probably not at all what you expected. However, when someone is playing a role in television, they are definitely not playing themselves and so that’s one reason why we are often intrigued by who they really are. Honestly, when it comes to being a fan, there’s nothing better than getting to know everyone outside of the roles that they play. In this article, you will see them looking pretty and happy with the lives that they have chosen which have nothing to do with being locked up without any freedom.

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster

So, this is what we are used to seeing. Honestly, she looks pretty good in orange and I’m a big fan of her acting skills in this show as well. She has a way of making herself fit in even though she’s an absolute star! We are all pretty familiar with her work in the past on ‘That 70s Show’ and yet, this role has really taken her skills to a whole, new level. She has been a real addition to this cast and we cannot wait to see how she spends her free time and who her real-life partner is:

She’s engaged to fellow actor Ben Foster

Just seeing them together helps us put a whole new perspective on the role that she plays in this show. In this picture, they both look pretty serious and also like they are about to weather a terrible storm. But it also tells us that they are prepared for anything that life has to send their way and we can see that they are lucky to have each other to depend upon. It can never be easy being together when both of you share the same profession, especially when that profession is acting but they are clearly willing to overcome any hurdles that come their way.

Together, they had a baby!

They are clearly excited about this new adventure together.

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