Celebrity Couples That Began As Affairs

Celebrity Couples That Began As Affairs

You can never tell what makes people fall in love or even the circumstances in which it happens. However, in these cases, these celebrities engaged in affairs with each other that ultimately led to them falling in love. Now, as much as we can appreciate true love, not everyone condones how this happens. Especially when people are being hurt in the meantime. Therefore, we can never fully get behind anyone who decided that it was a good thing when they cheated on one person in their life in order to achieve the attention and admiration of another. It’s a very touchy subject.

However, we are also human and who’s to say that any of these people were happy in their original relationships, to begin with? Often times, it’s when someone else comes along that we realize how unhappy we really are and perhaps we never even considered being with someone else until that person came along. Even so, it’s a messy situation in which people are getting hurt but the fact is, these celebrities simply followed their hearts and when they did, they broke another’s in the process on the road to their own happiness. It’s always hard to break up with someone in this fashion but at least they know what they really want!

However, just like many people who cheat on one person in order to get another, they are tainted by this evil for a long time. Sometimes, it’s for the sake of true love but often times, all they managed to do was switch partners for a short while because the second relationship doesn’t always last. It must be hard to realize that cheating is never the best way to win and so they are often saddled with this burden of knowing that they did something really awful to someone else that they once cared deeply about.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

This was the ultimate scandal which has happened to so many celebrities over the years. These two starred in their own movie together ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’ and while doing this, they fell deeply in love. We can probably pause the movie during those moments when we can actually see their love manifest! They definitely had a real chemistry going on and it cost both of them their reputations because it ultimately didn’t last and they hurt people in the process. However, at the time, they were convinced that they were meant to be together and they really tried to make it all work out.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Well, Jennifer knows what it’s like to be the scorned partner because Brad left her for Angelia after their movie ‘Mr. And Mrs. Smith’ was filmed. So, this is already a touchy subject for her and yet, here she is, getting together with a man who’s been in a relationship with Heidi Biven for 14 years! Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. It is unfortunate when this happens and especially when it happens to people who should know better. We are not sure why Jen decided that this was appropriate but when it comes to love, they say that there are no rules and that’s no lie! The only lie was what he told his girlfriend as he was getting together with Jen.

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