What Does Your Birth Month Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Birth Month Say About Your Health?

4. April

Our April babies are out of the woods when it comes to that early month cardiovascular problem, but they still have their share of diseases to contend with. Our April babies are more susceptible to chest pains and that’s combined with a tendency towards heart issues that can cause our lovely April friends some problems. Seems like the name of the game is also to take good care of your heart!

5. May

May is one of only two lucky signs on our list, as our study showed that May babies have absolutely no diseases associated with their birth month! So go ahead, you healthy, happy May people, and be safe in the knowledge that your birth month is a good one when it comes to your health! And while you’re at it, maybe try to play the lotto this weekend, because clearly luck is on your side!

6. June

Now we’re into June and unfortunately, our June babies don’t have the same luck as those of us who were born in May. Like April, our June babies also commonly have to deal with chest pains and on top of that they may struggle with asthma. Respiratory health is very important to our June babies so make sure you see your doctor if you feel like anything isn’t quite right when you’re taking a deep breath.


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