What Does Your Birth Month Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Birth Month Say About Your Health?

What do you think about your horoscope? Some of us follow our star signs religiously and may even plan our life by whether this week is going to be a good week for your love horoscope or not. Others believe it’s all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo and that your birthday can’t possibly say have any say over anything in your life other than when you throw a party every year! But what if I told you that when you were born can have a significant impact on your health?

A scientific study that has recently been published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association has shown that the month you were born can have an impact on your health. Scientists looked at the rates of over 1,688 diseases and ruled out those that aren’t affected by the month in which you were born and what remained was a list of 39 diseases that could be linked to when in the year you were born. Today, we’re going to look at each month and discover what diseases are linked to your birthday.

1. January

Our study showed that those born in the first part of the year, so that’s January through March, had a higher risk of cardiovascular disease but a lower risk of neurological, reproductive and respiratory conditions. On top of that, January babies have a higher chance of heart disease and high blood pressure, so if you want to be as healthy as you can be, look after your heart, my lovely January people!

2. February

February has the same risk of cardiovascular disease that plagues early month babies that we mentioned in January. Our February babies were also shown to have a higher risk of having malignant lung or bronchus tumours and a higher risk of choking. So the aim of the game for our fabulous February people is looking after your respiratory system. Oh, and always make sure you chew your food thoroughly!

3. March

March is the last of our early months, so they also have to deal with the cardiovascular disease risk that January and February have. Like January, our March babies also want to be looking after their hearts as they are more at risk of heart disease and circulatory issues. A lot of March babies may also find that they suffer from an irregular heartbeat, so make sure to show your heart some love if you were born in March!


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