Beautician’s Share Their Experiences Of Bikini Waxing And They’re DISTURBING

Beautician’s Share Their Experiences Of Bikini Waxing And They’re DISTURBING

WARNING: sensitive and graphic material ahead…

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Ladies, most of us have had to deal with the trauma of going for our first bikini wax. It’s a dramatic, stressful and agonising experience that probably gets the top place in the list of painful things women do to look good. But because we’re so busy being on the receiving end of the experience, we never really take a minute to think of what a beautician might have to see or put up with.

But now we have an inside scoop. We asked salon workers the craziest things they saw or that happened at the beauty parlour when giving out a bikini wax. And ladies, they did not disappoint…


The wax with a climax

“I had a friend who did waxing for a while. She had a guy come in and request a waxing for his taint/ass area.

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“When she did, the guy orgasmed on release.”

“It was obviously awkward, the guy apologized profusely, and it was a “no harm no foul” but “don’t do it again” situation.”

“Well of course he returned after some time and he came again. They banned him from returning.”

The creme-egg splatter

“I did a lot of waxing, like 12 Brazilians a day, so I have seen/smelt some horrifying stuff. The most memorable ‘WTF’ moment was while waxing a well-groomed sorority girl. She was utterly oblivious to the rank odor emanating from her junk. There was discharge.

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I pulled a strip from her lower labia, near her vaginal opening and what I can most accurately describe as the contents of a large Cadbury cream-egg stuck to the edge of the strip and splattered on the wall behind me.

She remained blissfully ignorant of the bacterial projectile.” – blushesandblinks

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A Gushing Bush

“A girl came into my salon a month before she got married. She had never groomed her pubic hair and claimed to be a virgin. She wanted to be waxed right before her wedding. I was NOT prepared for the amount of pubic hair she had.”

“It was unusual for a fair skinned blonde client to have LONG COARSE BLACK hair. Even trimmed, her skin was barely visible. I begin waxing… it turns out that had skin tags and perturbing moles that I DID NOT SEE before starting.”

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“To get to the point, I pulled a strip from her labia area, and pulled off about 20 skin tags. She yowled. The entire salon heard. And then she started bleeding. Like gushing blood. So we’re both screaming and crying and I have to call her an ambulance because she would NOT STOP BLEEDING. I thought I almost killed her.”

“Maybe not the grossest story, but it was traumatic. I changed professions soon after. I imagine her wedding night wasn’t magical either.” – llamaste_

Enough to make you quit your job!

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“My moms friend always like to tell this one story.”

“When she was doing his (yes his) asshole, he clenched and accidentally projectile-sprayed little bits of poo all over her.”

An unexpected POP!

“A new client had come in for a full Brazilian. She was no older than 17 and it was her first time doing it. So we finish the front and I tell her to flip over and hold her butt cheeks so I can do the butt strip.”

“I apply the wax over her butthole, I guess she wasn’t expecting it because she farted and blew a bubble with the wax. It popped so loudly that it echoed in the room. I had never seen anything happen like that before.”

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“I could see she was humiliated and I was embarrassed for her. I immediately turned around and started fumbling with anything I could get my hands on to pretend I didn’t just see what happened. I never saw that girl again.” – DirtyWaterDogs

Absolutely shocking.

“A worm fell out of someone’s butthole when I was waxing it. A tiny, little maggot-y looking worm.” – wiffthecliff

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Acidheads, do you know any stories worse than these?! I feel like you can’t possibly, but if you do, comment with your stories of strange waxing experience on the comments on Facebook. Don’t forget to share these shocking stories!