Why Aunty Acid Nails It With… Wine Humor

Why Aunty Acid Nails It With… Wine Humor

Wine enthusiasts? We’ve got you covered…

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If you know the first thing about Aunty Acid, then you know how she feels about wine. And boy, does she feel strongly. And let’s not kid ourselves, I’m pretty certain that a lot of you (me included) have the exact same ideology as Aunty Acid when it comes to delicious vino!

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So why not express your love for the good stuff? Because Aunty is loud and proud and you should be too! We’ve got some amazing products from our official Aunty Acid shop that will finally have you feeling like your boozy love affair is understood. Let’s take a look…

1. The Perfect Hangover T-Shirt – £15.99

Need a cosy tee for lounging around with the headache from hell? We’ve got you covered. This 100% cotton ladies tee is perfect for lazy hangover days whilst simultaneously sharing your love for wine with the world! And ladies, it’s not just black and white. We have the shirt in ‘dark heather’ and ‘light pink’ too. Wanna make it yours? Sizes available S – XXL. Get it here.

2. Put It Plain And Simple With This T-Shirt – £15.99

We’ve all been there, right? If you’re anything like Aunty, you feel like this on the daily… these funny tees show the world you’re a humorous quirk like Aunty and you have the cutest t-shirts. And who knows? You might even get a free drink out of it… We’re selling these statement tees in black, white, light pink, daisy yellow and dark heather grey. Available in various sizes. Get yours now!

3. Cuppa tea? No thanks! – £7.99

For days when tea and coffee just won’t cut it! Or if you’re not as hardcore as Aunty, let’s just pretend we are and show our appreciation for vino with this amusing mug. All of our mugs are 100% ceramic and have a 30 day no hassle return policy. So stay classy and drink from the mug now!


4. Drink The Bottle! Mug – £7.99

Got a friend who shares your passion for wine? This is the perfect bday gift to express your love (for her as well as wine!) Because only amateurs use a glass! Get yours now.

5. Save The Earth! (And Wine!) T-Shirt – £15.99

Show your appreciation for the planet whilst simultaneously expressing the one reason you love it! Aunty lives for wine, and if you do too, this is the perfect humorous tee for you. Get one now!

So ladies, get showing your appreciation for the world’s best beverage with some of a spanking new merch. You can view all of our new store by going on https://shop.auntyacid.com/