Why Aunty Acid Nails It With… Diet Humor

Why Aunty Acid Nails It With… Diet Humor

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Whether you’re 21 or 81, you have something in common with the rest of us… dieting. We have ALL suffered through some fad, over-priced diet at some point in our lives, and chances are we’re all still semi-committed to one right at this very moment. Sadly, it’s a fact of life.

But just because we hate doing them doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it right? RIGHT! So take a look at some of my favorite (and of course, hilarious) dieting t-shirts listed below!


It’s So Hard To Lose Weight When…

Is there anybody else who has this problem? ‘Cause I know I bloomin’ do! Apparently, it’s uncurable as well… so why don’t we join together in solidarity and show our support for each other and other sufferers of this TERRIBLE infliction by purchasing this informative t-shirt? Let’s say it loud and say it proud ladies!

You can support the cause by purchasing this FAB piece of merchandise using the link below!

Aunty Acid Lose Weight T-Shirt


If Heat Makes Things Expand…

FINALLY! An explanation for all those failed diet attempts I’ve suffered through! It’s not my fault, it’s SCIENCE! PHEW! What a relief! Guess I may as well stop dieting IMMEDIATELY seeing as it won’t do me any good anymore. I can’t wait to wear this next time I hit the supermarket to pick up that double-fudged-stuffed chocolate cake I’ve been eyeing up all week!

Why not make the people in your life aware of this very vital piece of scientific research by purchasing this t-shirt using the link below!?

Aunty Acid Expand T-Shirt


The More You Weigh…


I always knew the amount of cake I eat would become an advantage one day, and finally, after all these years I’ve been proven 100% RIGHT! In your FACE naysayers! Who’s laughing now? Well, not me… that’s for sure! So why take the risk ladies… EAT THAT DARN CAKE! I know I certainly will be from now on.

Get your very own life-saving t-shirt today by clicking the link below! Well… go on… what on EARTH are you waiting for!?

Aunty Acid Kidnap T-Shirt


I’m Sorry…

Okay, let’s not kid ourselves folks… we have ALL been here! In fact, I was here about 5 minutes before I wrote this article (yes yes I had a cookie and apologized, don’t worry). Apologizing for being hangry can be such as hassle, especially if it happens as often to you as it does to me! So why not save some time and buy this t-shirt that does it all for you instead? You won’t regret it… I haven’t!

You can purchase incredibly apologetic (and honest) t-shirt using the link below!

Aunty Acid Hungry T-Shirt

Diet Tip…

The worst thing about this t-shirt is that it’s made me KICK myself for not considering this in the first place! It seems so simple now… Pants, I DON’T need… cake, however, I DO need. So in that case – GOODBYE pants, hello brand new t-shirt! Thank me later ladies.

To embrace your new pantless life and be the envy of all your friends, purchase this t-shirt using the link below!

Aunty Acid Diet Tip T-Shirt


And believe it or not… you can find even MORE hilarious t-shirts (and mugs!) from Aunty Acid and her friends right here: Aunty Acid’s Shop