This Amputee Soldier Had Something To Say About People’s Reaction To A Muslim Man ‘Blowing Him Up’

This Amputee Soldier Had Something To Say About People’s Reaction To A Muslim Man ‘Blowing Him Up’

Chris Herbert took to social media to express his opinions…

In 2007, soldier Chris Herbert tragically lost his leg after a roadside bomb exploded next to his British Army vehicle in Basra, Iraq. Chris, from Portsmouth, was just 19 years old at the time and had to deal with the trauma of the incident whilst also losing his best friend during the war.

Despite the obvious difficulties Chris faced when returning home and trying to adjust to life after he lost his leg, Chris remained positive and has managed to keep a great outlook on life, something many soldiers understandably struggle to do.

With anti-Muslim organisations on the rise in many western countries, some people saw a valuable propaganda tool in Chris.

These people posted pictures with captions such as ‘Look at what they did to this brave soldier who was serving his country!’


It even went as far as an Islamophobic group contacting him and asking him to become the mascot for their organisation!

Eventually, Chris felt he had to step in. Frustrated by the reaction to his injury and the abusive use of his incident by many as propaganda, Chris decided to share his feelings on his experience and set the record straight.

Chris shared this post on Facebook…

Chris shared an explanation of true events, outing any ignorant people that said Muslims were responsible for the incident as liars. He explained how he does not judge the incident based on a minority of extremists that do not represent an entire religion.

I couldn’t agree more

Hear hear!

Great point

Can I get it louder for the people in the back?

Mine too!

Chris gave a brilliant and eloquent explanation which impressed social media users who were so happy to hear his defence. Chris’ post was shared nearly 125,000 times on Facebook.

Even author J.K Rowling got hold of the post and shared it on her Twitter!

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Naturally, Chris was overjoyed by this!

Since then, Chris has been called a true inspiration (and rightly so!) by the internet and those who support his response. Pictured above with his parents and dog, he graduated from Portsmouth University in 2015. As for those ignorant internet users who disagree with what Chris has said, well, he just silenced them from his story and set the record straight. Inspiring!

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