Adults Admit The Moment They Realized Their Parents Were Right All Along

Adults Admit The Moment They Realized Their Parents Were Right All Along

Our parents only want what’s best for us, but you try telling that to a moody teenager.

When you’re a kid, it seems like the whole world is against you, telling you what to do. You spend all week at school with your teachers yelling at you, and when you get home, it feels like your parents are just another authority figure.

Do kids now or ever respect authority figures? Heck no, they rebel against them!

The difference between your parents and everyone else who is ‘the man’ in your life, is they actually care. They tell you to do things because it’s for your own good, not because it’s their freakin’ job!

When you’re young, it’s difficult to see that all these rules and regulations are to help you grow into a better person.

But when adults are asked to look back on what advice they SHOULD have listened to when they were young, they are only too happy to tell you!

1. Sit up straight!

“Wish I had correct posture like they kept telling me to do. That s*** catches up to you eventually.”

2. The truth hurts

“When they warned me how easy it is to stay in a comfortable situation rather than the right one.

Wasted a lot of time because I was cozy with the routine, then I looked up and realize I had spent 3 years being comfortable.”

3. Dental plan

“‘Wear your retainer’. Lost that damn thing a week after I got my braces off and was worried about getting in trouble with my parents, so I never said anything. Cut to 20 years later and I’m looking into Invisalign because my teeth have become noticeably crooked. That s*** is like $4k.”

4. Don’t splurge what you don’t earn

“You really shouldn’t spend money if it’s not in your bank account (credit cards).”

5. Future career

“This isn’t that exciting but when I was 17 I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school. I was a little s*** back then. My mom tried to convince me to take the paralegal program at a community college and I was like hell no. Welp, 8 years later I ended up in the paralegal degree program and loved it. Idk how she knew I’d like it so much. Especially back then.”

6. Simple!

“Learn to cook”

7. Forever friends

“Not all your friends need to be ‘forever friends’, some people are just desired to be your friend for that right time in your life.”

8. Save up

“‘Start saving as soon as you can. You don’t have as much money as you think you do.’

Told me that when I had a part time job whilst living at home. Thought I was loaded until I moved out and realised how expensive life is.”

9. This is so true

“If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

10. No smoking

“‘Don’t start smoking, it’s addicting and expensive’

Oh I wish I listened to them”

11. God, mom!

“I distinctly remember telling my mom ‘I don’t get why I’m ‘too young to know what love is’ I’m SIXTEEN I’m not a KID’. Looking back on that relationship I’m amazed she didn’t laugh in my face.”

12. Someday soon you’ll work out who your REAL friends are

“Back in high school I got caught smoking weed a couple of times. After getting busted, my dad said ,’Watch, now that you aren’t smoking, see if your smoking pals will stick around’. Sure enough, those pals didn’t stick around!”

13. Keep your friends close…

“‘You should stop being friends with them; they’re walking right over you.’ Wow, should have listened sooner…”

14. He tried to warn you!

“My dad encouraged me not to buy a house with my at the time girlfriend and instead save my money and buy one on my own or with my brother.

Obviously I didn’t listen. P***ed away probably $30,000 and about 5 years of my early 20s. I should have listened.”

15. Adulting

“As a kid, I was always fascinated – obsessed, even – with being an adult. Being college educated, living on my own, making my own money, etc.

My parents always told me, ‘Don’t wish your life away. Adult life isn’t as easy and fun as it looks!’

I’ve since learned that is a severe understatement.”

16. Serious advice time now

“That addiction and alcoholism runs in the family. I thought that because I’d seen what it did to them (and other family members), I’d be able to outsmart the addiction… Luckily, I was able to recognize the signs early on and get help, and nothing really got out of control, but I realize I’ve still got it. If you gave me a drink, I’d just not stop.”

17. Granny always knows best!

“My grandmother didn’t like my boyfriend, said he was lazy, arrogant, and using me.

A couple of months after college when I’m making him wake up after partying all night so I can drive him to work on time, I realized, ‘S***. She’s right’.”

18. Wise words!

“‘Look the part, then learn your lines’.

In other words, focus on appearances initially because people judge you on first impressions. If you’ve nailed the body language, tone, eye contact and dress; you can figure out what you’re doing after the fact.”

19. This one cuts deep

“After a breakup with my first real boyfriend, my dad told me that there is no greater emotional pain than seeing your child hurting. Damn. A couple of decades later, I realized he’s right.”

20. *chokes back tears*

“You’ll miss me when I’m gone”

21. Get a good education; pretty solid advice right there

“The friends you have when you are fourteen are not the people you need to ‘Ride or Die’ with, focus on your studies and try to develop a broader social circle.

At least I focused on school.”

22. Haven’t we all been there, on both sides of the fence!

“It was cold and I did need a jacket… but I’ll be damned if I’m going to admit that to my mom.”

23. Your dad knows his stuff

“My dad used to always say ‘you never know who you’re going to meet’ when telling me to dress more professionally when outside the hospital (I’m an MD). I always brushed it off like ‘yeah, who am I randomly going to bump into that would care’.

Turns out the ‘who’ would end up being the head of CDC-Uganda (where I now live) and the head of the NIAID. Touche, dad…touche.”

24. Simple and sweary – I like it!

“Eat your f***ing vegetables”

25. Nowhere is ever as clean as your parents’ house!

“Cleaning the house every f***ing weekend.

I always had a list of chores as a kid.

As a young adult, I thought it was cruel of my parents to force their kids to help clean the house.

Now as an adult, I’m thankful I actually know how to properly clean s**t and I wish it was once a week! I’m amazed my mom could keep such a clean house.”

Is there anything that your parents told you when you were a kid that you wish you could go back and take more heed of? Or perhaps there is something that you tell your own children all the time now that you’re grown up, and you only hope they listen to you?

Heck, maybe it’s the same thing your own folks tried to hammer into you when you were young, and you only hope they don’t make the same mistakes that you did!

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