9 Things That Women Will ALWAYS Notice About A Guy

9 Things That Women Will ALWAYS Notice About A Guy

A recent series of experiments that Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov conducted showed that we need only 1/10 of a second to form an opinion of a person just by looking at their face.

However, as it turns out, women usually don’t stop there, and they have enough time to evaluate the body, the haircut, and many other seemingly inconspicuous traits. So what is it exactly that they notice?

Well, let’s go through them one by one.

1. Clothes

When a woman sees a man for the first time, she evaluates the clothes he is wearing instantly, even if she is not a fashion snob herself. There are 3 most important rules about men’s clothes:

Tidiness: Old and/or stained clothes will leave the man with very little chance of even starting a conversation.

Relevance: This is all about tuning in to your surroundings. A man wearing a tuxedo on the beach looks just as strange as a guy wearing shorts in the theater. More than that, the second situation also shows that the person knows nothing about etiquette.

Sense of style: Girls can easily forgive a lack of designer brands if a man’s outfit is well put-together. However, if a guy is wearing something crazy, like sportswear with classic shoes, then he doesn’t stand a chance.

Scientific research also shows that the clothes we wear can influence our performance, our way of thinking, hormone levels, and heart rate.

2. Haircut

When it comes to a man’s hairdo, there are a lot more variables than one might think. Long or short, straight or wavy, light, dark, or even a little grey — there are as many preferences as there are women.

The most important thing is for the man to keep his hair clean and tidy. If you can’t afford a fancy hairdo, just work with what you have.

Some men can get away with having no hair at all, such as Bruce Willis or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, but it takes a certain look to pull it off.

3. Posture

Our posture as we go about our daily lives transmits our mindset to the rest of society. An energetic, ambitious, and confident walk attracts women because it shows that the man is successful, he feels that he is the boss, and he knows how to deal with trouble.

A man who is always looking down, doesn’t keep his back straight, doesn’t lift his feet high enough, at a subconscious level looks like a person with problems. It looks like he is not where he wants to be in his own life, so he is unlikely to make a woman happy in a relationship.

4. Body type

Most women like men whose body looks like an inverted triangle: wide shoulders, narrow hips, and a tight belly. Such a body is a signal for a woman that she met a tough, strong, and healthy man who can protect her and her future children.

This sheds light on the interesting theory which says that men get fat in marriage because women try to feed them better and make them fatter and less attractive to other women. However, research shows that a happy marriage leads to gaining weight for both men and women.

5. Shoes

Image result for men's shoes

Men shouldn’t underestimate such an important part of their image as shoes. Women have enough time to give shoes a good look, just like clothes and the body. Torn, dirty, and dusty shoes show that the owner is not tidy at all if he doesn’t pay much attention to the way he looks.

Some men even have a habit of not wearing socks at all. This is definitely not a good look, fellas.

6. Facial expression

It can take a lot of time to talk about the features of men’s faces that women find attractive. Every woman sees beauty differently. But what the common thing that no woman will miss is the facial expression.

In moments like this, women become specialists at recognizing different expressions. For example, tight lips indicate that a man is tough and shifty eyes mean that a man is insincere. Small wrinkles around the eyes show that a man is funny and he can be the life of any party.

Women love thoughtful men because they seem more masculine and decisive. But for a serious relationship, according to research, women prefer men who smile and have a good sense of humor.

7. Accessories (or lack of)

It might seem like an irrelevant thing, but a man’s choice of accessories can tell a woman a lot about his general character.

If he has a lot of them on, it means that he loves being in the spotlight and making an impression on other people. If the accessories are appropriate and you like parties and fun, this man can make it happen for you.

If a man doesn’t have any accessories, it doesn’t mean that this man is boring. It’s just that he is more moderate and doesn’t like to attract a lot of attention to himself.

8. Hands

A surprising part of a man’s body that women pay a lot of attention to, even if they only have a very quick look, is hands. They value clean male hands with long fingers and a nice shape of nails.

Bitten nails and hangnails show that a man is nervous and not confident. Also, hands can tell if a man has to do a lot of hard work. And the most important thing that hands show is if the man is available. All women need to do is check the ring finger. If there is a ring, there is no need to pay any more attention to this man.

9. His butt

Yup, this one’s probably the most shallow of the bunch, but I think we’ve already established that, when it comes down to it, human beings are quite shallow.

Most women pay a lot of attention to a man’s butt when they meet him. Hard buttocks are an indicator of a man who has an active lifestyle and his testosterone level is just right too. Hard buttocks also look very good. So, it’s not just men who turn to look at beautiful women. Women do that too, just a bit more subtly.

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