9 All-Natural Ways To Increase Your Dopamine Levels

Dopamine is arguably the most important chemical in the human brain. It has a direct effect on our mood – in very simple terms, the more we have of it flowing through us, the better we feel.

On the flip side, if you have irregularities of dopamine levels, it can also be responsible for chemical addictions and other addictive behaviours.

In a biological sense, dopamine is responsible for:

  • Controlling the brain’s reward and pleasure center
  • Regulating prolactin secretion
  • Improving our cognitive functions (attention, knowledge, memory, problem solving, decision making and evaluation)

Therefore, dopamine is very important for our well-being and our happiness. Thus, when the levels of this neurtransmitter are very low, it can cause negativity, depresion, sadness and other emotional problems.

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Obviously, these are all afflictions which we would very much like to avoid at any costs. So what can be done about this? Well, here is an itemised list of steps you can take to increase your dopamine levels.

And remember, folks – I’m not a doctor! These are all just pointers. Okay, let’s go.

1. Take natural supplements

No, we’re not talking about the kind of mood-altering medications that your doctor might give you. There are a number of all-natural supplements you can take which will aid you in your quest. The are as follows:

  • Curcumin – no, that’s not a misspelling of ‘cumin’, it’s a chemical which you can find in turmeric and it can increase the levels of dopamine in the brain
  • Green tea – this calming beverage contains a lot of L-thenine which is perfect for increasing the numerous brain neurotransmitters. It’s also very nice to drink!
  • Ginkgo biloba – this is a popular supplement and one of the top-selling herbal medicines. Ginkgo biloba extract is collected from the dried green leaves of the plant and is available as liquid extracts, capsules, and tablets. They should have it at your local wholefoods store.
  • Acetyl-l-tyrosine – another supplement that will help with your dopamine levels if you take a healthy dose as instructed by the product packaging.


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