8 Signs That Our Body Is Trying To Warn Us Of Something

8 Signs That Our Body Is Trying To Warn Us Of Something

We don’t want any of you to become hypochondriacs (if you’re not already!), but when we notice something not quite right with our bodies, if can often our body’s way of trying to send us a message that all is not well.

Sometimes, it’s better to be on the safe side, and pay attention to tiny things in your body, because often, those things can help to identify (and eliminate) a dangerous disease at an early stage.

Here is a list of minor changes in appearance or behaviour that may become the harbingers of a tragic diagnosis. Read carefully!

And remember folks, I’m not a medical professional. These are just pointers.

1. Only one eye showing up as red on flash photos

Red eyes in photos taken with a flash are torture for those who like to take selfies and photos at night. In fact, it’s just flickering blood vessels in a person’s eye.

But if one eye came out red in the photo and the other one is white, it means that something could be blocking the vessels. This can be a cataract, a walleye, an eye infection, or even eye neoplasms, AKA eye cancer, which is obviously the most dangerous of all of these.

An American mother recently shared her son’s photo with one eye red online. The people who commented on the photo told her to go to specialists, where a diagnosis of cancer was confirmed.

If you see such a red-eye photo of yours from some party, go to the eye doctor as soon as possible. It’s probably nothing to worry about, but if it is, it’s best to catch it early.

2. A black line running through the centre of a nail

The photo above is quite clearly photoshopped to prove a point, but it’s definitely a point worth making.

If you see a line like this, it could be something called melanonychia, which it’s not a disease but a sign of a serious ailment in the body. If you see it, go to the doctor immediately.

Another photo that shook the Facebook world was from a master manicurist who posted a photo of her client’s nail with a black vertical line.

The woman, perplexed, just wanted to cover this line with nail polish. Thanks to the vigilant manicurist sending her to a clinic, doctors found that she was in the early stages of skin cancer.

If in doubt, see your doctor and explain your situation.


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