8 Month Old Puppy Found With Its Eyes And Mouth Glued Shut In Awful Animal Cruelty Case

8 Month Old Puppy Found With Its Eyes And Mouth Glued Shut In Awful Animal Cruelty Case

There are some things in this world that I’ll never understand. I’m not talking about rocket science or long division here, but more the way that some people behave.

I’ll never understand what somebody gets out of being needlessly cruel to one another. Just live and let live, right? But when it comes to somebody being needlessly cruel to a defenceless animals, I understand it even less.

And I’m not talking about school kids setting fire to ants under a magnifying glass here, I’m talking about grown people causing animal cruelty to animals that will suffer as a consequence.

So it’s sad news that I’m bringing you out of the state of Kansas in the US, as an eight month old puppy was recently found with her eyes and mouth super glued shut.

Can you believe it? Somebody had actually gone out of their way to glue a dog’s eyes and mouth shut. Now let me tell you straight away that the poor animal in question is getting the help that it needs, and that it’s doing well.

But to tell you about the case in some more detail, the dog in question is just a puppy, and was found with ulcerations on her eyes, a tear in her lip, and bruising to the abdomen. She has clearly suffered neglect and cruelty at the hands of some heartless individual.

She is currently being treated by a vet, who has said they believe that that dog’s eyes and mouth were super glued shut for somewhere between 24 and 48 hours prior to her being found.

That’s right, the poor dog had been suffering for maybe a day or two before coming under a vet’s care, so it’s little wonder that state authorities are now desperately looking for the abuser who attacked the puppy.

It’s a sickening case of animal cruelty in the United States, that was brought to the world’s attention by Beauties and Beasts Inc, an animal shelter in Kansas.

The shelter’s social media account posted photos on to Facebook of the eight month old bitch, which they believe to be a Jack Russell or Parson Terrier. The post outlined that she was found lying on the side of the road, and her rescuer was horrified to find that her eyes and mouth were super glued shut.

🚑🚨CRUELTY CASE🚑🚨Do you know who did this?In the early morning hours on Monday 2/26 located in Oaklawn near Wichita…

Posted by Beauties and Beasts, Inc. on Thursday, 1 March 2018

When the poor puppy was taken back to the animal shelter and examined, she was found to have ulcerations on her eyes from the effects of the adhesive, a tear in her lip from struggling against the glue, and large bruise on her abdomen.

Beauties and Beasts animal shelter now want justice for the puppy and are calling for help to catch the dog’s uncaring abuser, or abusers. A reward has even been offered, for information leading to the identification and prosecution of the perpetrators.

“This was an intentional act and whoever attacked the puppy will continue the pattern of abuse on other helpless animals,” the shelter’s Facebook post reads.


When the puppy was brought in to the animal shelter from the Oaklawn area of Kansas, a vet said they believed that the dog may have received the injuries anywhere between 24 and 48 hours prior to being examined.

A reward is even being offered to whoever helps to catch the abuser, but so far an ongoing investigation hasn’t turned up any leads.

“This sweet baby didn’t ask to be left in the hands of someone that chose to intentionally hurt her and left her for dead,” the post read, and quickly went viral, now with over 3,300 shares on Facebook.

The puppy is now on the road to recovery and has been named Glory by the shelter, in the hope of finding her the new home that she deserves.

Hundreds of animal lovers from across the country have also now donated towards medical bills, helping the young puppy to recover from the horrible abuse she suffered, and as a reward for those who help to catch the perpetrator. So far more than $3000 has been raised, with more pouring in all the time.

“She is lucky to be alive and is expected to make a full recovery,” the post says about Glory, which is great news.

A reward is being offered to whoever helps catch the abuser and authorities are still searching for the perpetrator.

The rescue group who looked after Glory, Beauties and Beasts Inc, is has asked any member of public with information about the cruelty that this dog suffered to contact Sedgwick County Animal Control at 316-660-7070 or email [email protected]

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